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3.7 Union of Students

Officers of the Union of Students

President Hope Worsdale
Education Officer Liam Jackson
Democracy and Development Officer Michael Kynaston
Societies Officer Niall Johnson
Sports Officer Ellie Martin
Welfare and Campaigns Officer Ellen Holmes
Postgraduate Officer Emily Dunford


Chairs of Committees

Chair of Council Ellie King
Deputy Chair of Council Emma Worrall
Democracy Exec Chair Henry Naylor
Development Exec Chair Ana Barbedo
Education Exec Chair Alex Delameilleure
Liberation and Democracy Exec Chair TBC
Postgraduate Exec Chair TBC
Sports Exec Chair Neil Gordon
Societies Exec Chair Charli Cox
Welfare Exec Chair Rafael Narnett-Knights

Students’ Union Representatives on the Council, the Senate and the Faculty Education Committees:

Council Member Hope Worsdale
Council Representative Michael Kynaston
Senate Member Hope Worsdale
Senate Representatives

Emily Dunford

Liam Jackson

Undergraduate Arts Faculty Representative Jorun Bork
Postgraduate Taught Arts Faculty Representative Daisy Richards
Postgraduate Research Arts Faculty Representative TBC
Undergraduate Science Faculty Representatives

Hannah Koesttler

Beth Kynman

Postgraduate Taught Science Faculty Representative

Awati Mohammed

Postgraduate Research Science Faculty Representative Alex Baker
Undergraduate Social Sciences Faculty Representatives

Gregory Clarke

Sophie Worrall

Postgraduate Taught Social Science Faculty Representatives

Wanjiku Murage

Chelsea Ziegler

Postgraduate Research Social Science Faculty Representative


Taught Medical Faculty Representative Adeola Salau
Postgraduate Research Faculty Representative TBC


Senior Managers

Chief Executive J. Clements
Human Resources Director K. Dolan
Finance & Business Director M. Crook
Membership Services Director N. Devi
Commercial Operations Director S. Russell
Marketing and Communications Director J. Batchelor