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University Policies

University Policies

Policy Oversight Group

The Policy Oversight Group (POG) provides strategic oversight of the University's policies on behalf of the University Executive Board (UEB). It meets termly and has authority to:

  • Approve revisions to existing policy.
  • Recommend approval of new policy to the UEB.

Policies are the top-level basis for internal decision-making and are binding on the University community. They reflect Warwick’s values and ensure compliance with external legislation.

The POG team can be contacted via:

Policy Framework

The purpose of the Policy Framework is to provide guidance on the development, approval and publication of University policies in order to establish a consistent and transparent approach.

Staff members are encouraged to review the Framework when developing a new policy or revising an existing one.

Policy Zone

The ‘Policy Zone’ directs users to where policies are located across the University’s website.

Search by theme or consult the Policy A-Z.


A Policy Template has been developed to support the implementation of the Policy Framework, using best practice from across the University (and externally). The Policy Template should be used when developing a new policy or revising an existing one.

Template documents can be found here.

Please contact the POG team with any queries via: