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4.3 Degrees and Diplomas Awarded by the University

First Degree Programmes and other qualifications

The following degree programmes are being taught in 2013-14 or are being offered for entry in October 2013:


Ancient History and Classical Archaeology
Childhood, Education and Society
Childhood, Education and Society (2+2)
Childhood, Education and Society (Part-time)
Classical Civilisation
Classical Civilisation (Part-Time)
Classical Civilisation with Philosophy
Classical Civilisation with Study in Europe
Classics (Part-Time)
Early Childhood Care and Education (Level 3)
Early Childhood Education Studies
Early Childhood Education Studies (Honours Degree)
English & Cultural Studies (Part-Time)
English and French
English and German Literature
English and Italian Literature
English and Latin Literature
English and Theatre Studies
English Language, Translation and Cultural Studies
English Literature
English Literature and Creative Writing
European Studies (Part-time)
Film and Literature
Film Studies
Film with Television Studies
French and German Studies
French and History
French and Italian Studies
French Studies
French Studies (Part-Time)
French Studies with German
French Studies with Italian
French with Film Studies
French with International Studies
French with Sociology
French with Theatre Studies
German and Business Studies
German and History
German Studies
German Studies and Italian
German Studies with French Studies
German Studies with Italian
German with International Studies
German with Spanish
Health & Social Policy (2+2)
Health and Social Policy (Part-time)
Historical Studies (Part-time)
History and Culture
History and Italian
History and Politics
History and Sociology
History of Art
History of Art (Part-Time)
History of Art and French
History of Art with Italian
History, Literature and Cultures of the Americas
Italian and Classics
Italian and European Literature
Italian and History of Art
Italian with Film Studies
Italian with French
Italian with German
Italian with International Studies
Italian with Theatre Studies
Law and Business Studies
Law and Sociology
Philosophy and Literature
Philosophy and Psychology
Philosophy with Classical Civilisation
Philosophy with Psychology
Politics and Sociology
Politics, International Studies and French
Politics, International Studies and German
Politics, International Studies and Hispanic Studies
Politics, International Studies and Italian
Politics with French
Politics with International Studies
Social Studies (2+2)
Social Studies (Part-time)
Theatre and Performance Studies

BA or BSc Economics, Politics and International Studies
Mathematics and Philosophy
Philosophy, Politics and Economics
BEng Automotive Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer & Information Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Systems Engineering
Engineering Business Management

Accounting and Finance
Biological Sciences
Biomedical Chemistry
Biomedical Science
Chemistry 3 yr Variants
Chemistry and Business Studies
Chemistry with Management
Computer and Business Studies
Computer and Management Sciences
Computer Science
Computing Systems
Discrete Mathematics
Economics 3 Year Variants
Economics 4 Year Variants
Engineering and Business Studies
Environmental Biology
Health Sciences and Policy
International Business
International Management
Mathematics and Business Studies
Mathematics and Economics
Mathematics and Philosophy with Specialism in Logic and Foundations
Mathematics and Physics
Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics,Operational Research,Stats,Economics
Medical Microbiology and Virology
Microbiology and Virology
Physics and Business Studies

LLB Law (3 Year)
Law (4 Year)
Law (European)
Law (Part-time)
Law (Year Abroad)
MBChB MBChB (4 years)
MChem Master of Chemistry Variants
Chemical Biology
Chemistry with Industrial Training
Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry
MEng Computer Science MEng
Computer Systems Engineering MEng
Computing Systems
Automotive Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer & Information Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Systems Engineering
MMath Mathematics
MMathPhys Mathematics and Physics
MMathStat Mathematics and Statistics
MMORSE Mathematics,Operational Research,Statistics and Economics
MPhys Physics
2+2 Degrees  

* Daytime study only

Higher Degrees and other postgraduate and post-experience qualifications

DLitt, DSc, LLD The degrees of Doctor of Letters, Doctor of Science and Doctor of Laws are awarded for significant original work submitted by a candidate.
PhD, EdD, EngD, DClinPsych, MD, MPhil, LLM, MA, MS, MSc, MMedSci The research degrees of Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Chemistry, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Medicine, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Laws, Master of Surgery and Master of Medical Science are awarded on the recommendation of the examiners of a thesis to be submitted by the candidate after the prescribed period of study.
ENGD Engineering (International)

The following courses lead to postgraduate degrees and diplomas by examination or by examination and dissertation:


Academic and Professional Practice
Ancient Visual and Material Culture
Career Development and Coaching Studies
Career Education, Information and Guidance in Higher Education
Childhood in Society
Comparative American Studies
Continental Philosophy
Creative and Media Enterprises
Culture of the European Renaissance
Drama and Theatre Education
Educational Assessment
Educational Innovation
Educational Leadership (Teach First)
Educational Leadership (Teaching Leaders)
Educational Leadership and Management
Educational Studies
English Language Teaching
English Literature
Film and Television Studies
Film and Television Studies [For Research]
French Culture and Thought
Gender and International Development
German Cultural Studies
Global History
Global Media and Communication
Globalisation and Development
History of Art
History of Medicine
History of Race in the Americas
Industrial Relations and Managing Human Resources
International Cultural Policy and Management
International Employment Relations
International Political Economy
International Politics and East Asia
International Politics and Europe
International Relations
International Security
Italian Studies: Culture and Communication
Management and Organizational Analysis
Management of Student Work Experience
Modern History
Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health
Philosophy and Literature
Politics and International Studies Double Degree
Public Policy
Religions and Education
Religious, Social and Cultural History 1500-1750
Research in French and Francophone Studies
Social and Political Thought
Social Research
The Teaching of Shakespeare
Theatre Consultancy
Translation and Transcultural Studies
Translation, Writing and Cultural Difference
United States Foreign Policy
Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome

MAST Mathematical Sciences
MBA Business Administration
Business Administration (Distance Learning)
Business Administration (IBM)
MCLINSCI Clinical Sciences
MFA Master of Fine Arts
LLM Advanced Legal Studies
International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation
International Development Law and Human Rights
International Economic Law
Law and Development (Ethiopia)
Law in Development (Ethiopia)
MMedEd Medical Education
MPA Public Administration
MPH Public Health

Accounting and Finance
Advanced Electronic Engineering
Analytical Science: Methods and Instrumental Techn
Automotive Technology
Behavioural and Economic Science (Economics Track)
Behavioural and Economic Science (Science Track)
Biomedical Engineering
Biotechnology, Bioprocessing & Business Management
Business (Behavioural Science)
Business (Finance and Accounting)
Business (Marketing)
Business Analytics and Consulting
Chemistry with Scientific Writing
Child Health
Clinical Applications of Psychology
Cognitive Systems
Communicating Multidisciplinary Science
Complex Systems Science
Complexity Science
Computer Science and Applications
Cybersecurity and Management
Digital Healthcare
e-Business Management
Economic and Psychological Science
Economic Development and Growth
Economics and Industrial Organisation
Economics and International Financial Economics
Electronic Systems
Electronic Systems with Communications
Electronic Systems with Sensor Technology
Endodontics with Supervised Dental Clinical Training
Energy and Power Electronic Systems
Engineering Asset Management
Engineering Business Management
Engineering Business Management for Defence and Security
Engineering Systems
Environmental Bioscience in a Changing Climate
Finance and Economics
Finance and Information Technology
Finance with Behavioural Science
Financial Mathematics
Food Security
Health Sciences
Health Services Management
Implant Dentistry
Implant Dentistry with Supervised Oral Surgery Clinical Training
Information Systems Management and Innovation
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Instrumental and Analytical Methods in Biological and Environmental Chemistry
Intercultural Communication for Business and the Professions
Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research
Interdisciplinary Mathematics
International Technology Management
Lingual Orthodontics
Lingual Orthodontics with Supervised Dental Clinical Training
Management (Online)
Management for Business Excellence
Management Science and Operational Research
Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Marketing and Strategy
Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry
Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics Education
Mechanical Systems
Medical Leadership
Molecular Analytical Science
Oral Surgery
Oral Surgery with Supervised Clinical Training
Orthodontics with Supervised Dental Clinical Training
Polymer Chemistry
Process Business Management
Programme and Project Management
Public Leadership and Management
Research Methods in Health Sciences
Restorative Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry with Supervised Dental Clinical Training
Science, Media and Public Policy
Scientific Computing
Scientific Research and Communication
Service Management and Design
Service Management and Design (Singapore)
Sexual and Reproductive Health Care (Community Gynaecology)
Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Sustainable Crop Production: Agronomy for the 21st Century
Systems Biology
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery
Tunnelling and Underground Space

MTL Masters in Teaching and Learning
Postgraduate Diploma

Career Education, Information and Guidance in Higher Education
English Language Teaching
Implant Dentistry
Intercultural Communication for Business and the Professions
International Economic Law
Management of Student Work Experience
Public Leadership and Management
Regulatory Occupational Health and Safety


Applied Management
History of Art
Interdisciplinary Mathematics (Diploma plus MSc)
Mathematics (Diploma plus MSc)
Philosophy (Diploma)
Public Leadership and Management
Service Leadership
Service Leadership (Singapore Specialist Diploma)

Postgraduate Certificate

Advanced Clinical Practice for Health Care Professionals
Career Education, Information and Guidance in Higher Education
Food and Environmental Safety
Healthcare Systems Improvement
Intercultural Communication for Business and the Professions
Language Testing and Assessment
Leading Professional Enquiry
Learning and Teaching
Management of Student Work Experience
Pre-Hospital Critical Care
Religions and Education
Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (Community Gynaecology)
Strategic Leadership
Teaching Advanced Mathematics
The Advanced Teaching of Shakespeare
The Advanced Teaching of Shakespeare (LPN)
The Principles of Implant Dentistry
The Principles of Orthodontics
Transferable Skills in Science


International PGCE (Early Years)
International PGCE (Primary)
International PGCE (Secondary)
PGCE (Early Years)
PGCE (GTP) Secondary
PGCE (Primary)
PGCE (Primary) School Direct
PGCE (Primary): English Specialism
PGCE (Primary): Languages Specialism
PGCE (Primary): Mathematics Specialism
PGCE (Primary): Modern Foreign Languages
PGCE (Primary): Science Specialism
PGCE (Secondary) School Direct
PGCE (Secondary): Biology
PGCE (Secondary): Business Education
PGCE (Secondary): Chemistry
PGCE (Secondary): Chinese with French
PGCE (Secondary): Chinese with German
PGCE (Secondary): Chinese with Spanish
PGCE (Secondary): Drama with English
PGCE (Secondary): English with Drama
PGCE (Secondary): French
PGCE (Secondary): French with Chinese
PGCE (Secondary): French with German
PGCE (Secondary): French with Spanish
PGCE (Secondary): German
PGCE (Secondary): German with Chinese
PGCE (Secondary): German with French
PGCE (Secondary): German with Spanish
PGCE (Secondary): Health and Social Care
PGCE (Secondary): History
PGCE (Secondary): ICT
PGCE (Secondary): Mathematics
PGCE (Secondary): Mathematics with Physics
PGCE (Secondary): Media
PGCE (Secondary): Modern Foreign Languages with BE
PGCE (Secondary): Physics
PGCE (Secondary): Physics with Mathematics
PGCE (Secondary): Religious Education
PGCE (Secondary): Spanish
PGCE (Secondary): Spanish with Chinese
PGCE (Secondary): Spanish with French
PGCE (Secondary): Spanish with German
PGCE (Teach First) Primary
PGCE (Teach First) Secondary

Post-Experience and other Certificates

Post-Experience Certificate Engineering Business Management
Postgraduate Awards

A Systems Approach to Patient Safety
Access and Equality in Healthcare
Accounting and Finance in Health Service Organisations
Achievement for All
Advanced Food Microbiology
Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
Advanced Research Methods: Nature & Ethics of Research Enquiry
Advanced Research Methods: Nature & Ethics of Research Enquiry (on-line variant)
Advanced Research Methods: Qualitative Methodology
Advanced Research Methods: Qualitative Methodology
Advanced Research Methods:Quantitative Methodology
Advanced Research Methods:Quantitative Methodology
Advice and Guidance Skills (Certificate)
An Introduction to Research Methods in Religious Education
Applied Pharmacology and Therapeutics in Diabetes
Applying Health Psychology to Promote Behaviour Change in Long Term Conditions
Assessment and Evaluation
Assessment: Theoretical Perspectives and Practice
Assisted Reproduction Technology
Becoming an Effective Teacher
Business Awareness, People and Influence for HSE
Cardiovascular Risk
Care Planning and Review
Career Coaching and Counselling
Career Development Theories
Career Development Theories: Integrating Theory and Practice
Career, Vocation and Calling
Career-related Learning
Challenges of Careers Work in Higher Education
Child Development and Disability
Child Health Services: Management, Organisation and Data Systems
Children and Young People's Lives and Development in Context
Clinical Examination Skills for Health Care Professionals
Clinical Investigations and Diagnostics for Health
Clinical Oncology
Clinical Quality Improvement and Risk Management
Clinical Research Governance
Clinical Systems Improvement
Clinical Systems Improvement
Coaching for Work Experience
Communicable Diseases and Immunisation
Communication Skills: Educational Methods and Effective Clinical Practice
Communication, Engagement and Assessment
Community Care Law and Practice
Comparative Health Care Studies
Concepts of Disorder in Psychopathology & Mental Health
Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion Therapy
Core Concepts in Philosophy, Psychopathology and Ethics of Mental Health
Counselling Skills for Health Care Professionals
Counselling: Theory and Skills Development for Health Care Professionals
Creating Learning Communities of Practice
Critical Care Transfer
Critical Care: Advanced Emergency Practice
Critical Care: Pre-Hospital Special Incident Management
Current Issues in Religious Education
Death and Dying: Issues in End of Life Care
Delivery of Sexual Health Care
Design, Analysis and Interpretation of Epidemiological Research
Developing Leaders in Healthcare Education
Developing Speaking and Listening
Developing Young Children in an Educational Context
Developmental Medicine and Special Needs with Developmental Psychology
Developmental Paediatrics and Special Needs
Diabetes and the Eye: Other Ocular Diseases
Diabetes and the Foot
Diabetes and the Foot (Blended Learning)
Diabetes and the Older Person
Diabetes in Pregnancy
Diabetes in Pregnancy (Distance Learning)
Diabetic Retinopathy
Disabled People, Health and Human Rights
E Learning
EBMC: Intramedullary Nailing
EBMC: Managing Lower Limb Pain
EBMC: Managing Neck and Back Pain
EBMC: Managing Upper Limb Pain
E-Learning in Academic and Professional Practice
Epidemiology and Statistics
Epidemiology, Statistics, Research Methods and Critical Appraisal
Essentials of Clinical Education
Ethics, Jurisprudence, Mental Health and Society
Evidence and Values in Clinical Education
Evidenced Based Musculoskeletal Care: External Fixation
Exam Performance through Experiential Learning
Experiential Learning
Exploring Leadership
Foreign Language Teaching Pedagogy and Methodology
Formative Assessment and Assessment for Learning
Foundation Research Methods in Education
Graduate Employers and Labour Markets
Graduate Employers and Labour Markets (Certificate
Group Work
HE Workshop Pedagogy
Health and Safety Enforcement
Health Care and Environmental Sustainability
Health Care Ethics
Health Information Systems and Computing
Health Protection, Promotion and Prevention
Health Screening
Hypertension and Nephropathy in Diabetes
Infant and Family Wellbeing
Infections and Women's Health
Information Systems in Health Service Organisations
Inter Faith Dialogue for Young People
International Child Health
International Health Policy
Interpreting Religious Worldviews
Introduction to Academic and Professional Practice
Introduction to Gifted and Talented Education (Mathematics)
Introduction to Gifted and Talented Education (Science)
Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Introduction to Management in Health Services Organisations
Issues in Assessment
Issues in Public Health
Leadership for Doctors
Leadership in Child Health Services
Leading and Commissioning in Health Care
Leading Educational Change and Improvement
Leading Educational Change and Improvement
Leading Operations and Process Management in the Service Sector
Learning and Teaching Science - Theory into Practice
Learning from Work Experience
Learning in Practice
Legal Enforcement for HSE Inspectors
Legislation & Legal Processing in Food & Environmental Safety
Looking After Children
Major Incident Management
Management Issues in Primary Health Care
Management of Chronic Kidney Disease
Management of Diabetes in Adolescence
Management of the Menopausal Years
Managing People in Health Service Organisations
Medical Education
Medical Statistics & Epidemiology in Health Information Sciences I
Medical Statistics & Epidemiology in Health Information Sciences II
Mentoring and Coaching
Mixed Methods for Health Research
Models of Emergency Care
Multi-Agency Leadership
NHS Strategy, Policy and Organisation
Nutritional Management of Diabetes
Obesity and Nutritional Management in Diabetes
Obesity and Weight Management in Diabetes
Occupational Health and Hygiene for HSE Inspectors
Operations Management in Health Service Organisations
Ophthalmic Imaging
Organisation and Delivery of Diabetes Care
Organisation and Management of Health Information Systems
Organisation in Primary Health Care
Organisation of Health Service Research and Development
Organisational Behaviour and Health Service Policy
Organisations and Labour Markets
Other Forms of Diabetes (from Genetics to Obesity)
Palliative Care in Long Term Conditions
Palliative Care in Non-Cancer Diagnoses
Palliative Care: Care of the Dying
Palliative Care: Clinical Management in End of Life Care
Palliative Care: Important Principals and Developments
Parenting and Child Health: Determinants, Interventions and Outcomes
Patient & Public Involvement in Health Care
Perinatal and Infant Mental Health
Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health
Philosophy of Mind and Mental Health
Philosophy of Science and Mental Health
Policy and Legislation
Practice of Public Health
Preparing for Competition in a Network Utility
Primary Religious Education
Principles and Delivery of Diabetes Care
Principles of Dermatology
Principles of Diabetes Care
Principles of Sampling, Analysis & Reporting to Ensure the Microbiological Safety & Quality of Food
Professional Communication Skills
Professional Skills in Healthcare
Professional Studies in Learning and Teaching
Psycho-social Management of Children and Young People with Diabetes
Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders
Public Mental Health and Well-Being: Measurements, Determinants and Promotion
Qualitative and Comparative Research Methods
Renal Transplantation
Reproductive Health Care in the Community
Research and Evaluation Methods for Primary Care
Research Management Skills
Research Methodology and Critical Appraisal
Research Methods
Research Methods in Health Information Science
Research Project
Researching Drama in the Classroom
Rethinking Children and Childhood
Safeguarding Children
Safety and Risk Assessment for HSE Inspectors
cience, Ethics and Mind: Case Studies in Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health
Scientific Research and Communication
Sexual Health in Primary Care
Social Work with Adults in Context
Sociology of Health, Health Policy and the Social Determinants of Health
Specialist Social Work (Adults): Consolidation
Specialist Social Work (CYPFC): Consolidation
Stand Up for Shakespeare 1
Stand Up for Shakespeare 2
Strategic Leadership
Summative Assessment and Assessment of Learning
Teaching Advanced Mathematics
eaching Advanced Mathematics: A-Level Mathematics Pedagogy
Teaching and Assessing Clinical Methods
Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Teaching College Based Higher Education
Teaching Further Mathematics
Teaching Further Mathematics
Techniques and Applications of Molecular Biology
Technology Enhanced Learning
The Christian Tradition: Local and Global
The Hindu Tradition
The Kidney as an Endocrine Organ
The Menopause and Beyond
The Mind/Hormone Interface in Community Gynaecology
The Recruitment Process
The Teaching of Shakespeare (Online)
The Teaching of Shakespeare in Theory and Practice
The Theory and Practice of Insulin Initiation
Theory and Practical Techniques in Self Management
Transferable Skills in Science
Type 1 Diabetes in Children
Understanding Childhood
Understanding Res & Critical Appraisal in Health Care
Understanding Sexual Dysfunction
What is Learning?
Business Leadership
e-Business Management
Engineering Business Management
International Technology Management
Management for Business Excellence
Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Process Business Management
Programme and Project Management
Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Work Experience, Coaching and Employability
Work Experience in Higher Education
Working in Information
Working in Partnership
Working in Partnership with Children, Young People, Parents and Carers
Working with Higher Education Students in Further Education
Working with Higher Education Students in Further Education

Certificate (UG Level)

Management (Sports Management)

External Examiners

Details of external examiners for all University courses are available on request from the Academic Registrar.