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3.7 Union of Students

Officers of the Union of Students

President Ben Sundell
Education Officer Erin Davies
Democracy and Development Officer Cosmo March
Societies Officer Anthony (Ant) Scott
Sports Officer Zoe Buckland
Welfare and Campaigns Officer Cathryn (Cat) Turhan
Postgraduate Officer Lucy Gill


Chairs of Committees

Chair of Council Rob Ankcorn
Deputy Chair of Council Aidan Press
Sports Committee Chair Molly Ackhurst
Societies Committee Chair Nathaniel Shiers


Students’ Union Representatives on the Council, the Senate and the Faculty Boards

Council Representative Cosmo March
Senate Member Erin Davies
Senate Representative Lucy Gill
Undergraduate Arts Faculty Representative Klara Moozova
Undergraduate Science Faculty Representatives

Matthew Jarman

Iain Carson

Undergraduate Social Sciences Faculty Representative Miguel Costa Matos
Undergraduate Medical Faculty Representatives

Stephanie Cheng

Amritpal Sandhu

Postgraduate Arts Faculty Representative Andrew Thompson
Postgraduate Science Faculty Representative Sam Parr
Postgraduate Social Sciences Faculty Representative Tuvan Soukan


Senior Managers

Chief Executive J. Clements
Human Resources Manager K. Dolan
Finance & Business Manager T. Grant
Membership Services Manager D. Dedman
Commercial Operations Manager S. Russell
Marketing and Communications Manager J. Smyth