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Independent Member Expenses

The University does not remunerate its external independent members of the University Council. Reasonable travel and subsistence expenses incurred in attending meetings relating to the work of the Council and associated charitable events in members' official capacity are reimbursed upon request. The following table shows the total sums reimbursed to individual independent members during the previous two financial years.

The amounts shown do not represent the total expenses individuals incurred; only what was claimed from the University by members or was charged directly to the University's independent member expenses account.

Independent Member

Year ended 31 July 2020


Year ended 31 July 2019


Louise Ainsworth 17.83 N/A
Yewande Akinola 35.66 N/A
Keith Bedell Pearce 349.45 2687.16
Anita Bhalla 378.62 615.25
Bal Claire 370.67 N/A
Viki Cooke 96.51 996.30
John Ferrie 30.90 0
Catharine French 365.00 785.35
Deborah Keith 424.30 436.18
Jayne Nickalls 557.06 N/A
David Normington 293.67 182.05
Adrian Penfold 870.54 1575.72
Neil Sachdev 53.82 71.23
Gail Tucker 555.23 735.13
Unallocated or shared travel costs 0 0
Total 4399.71 8084.60