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Investigating Committee into Cases of Suspected Cheating Panel

Membership 2018/19

Up to seven members of academic staff from each of the Faculties, appointed by the Senate on the recommendation of the Boards of the Faculties

Dr Suzanne Frey-Kupper ((Arts) (Term 1 and 3))

Professor James Davidson ((Arts) (Term 2 and 3))

Dr Clive Gray (Arts)

Professor Beat Kumin (Arts)

Professor Kate Astbury (Arts)

Professor Stuart Barnes (Science, Engineering and Medicine)

Dr Martin Lees (Science, Engineering and Medicine)

Professor Elizabeth Maylor (Science, Engineering and Medicine)

Dr Anne Green (Science, Engineering and Medicine)

Dr Philip Young (Science, Engineering and Medicine)

Dr Claire Rocks (Science, Engineering and Medicine)

Professor Gill Cooke (Science, Engineering and Medicine)

Tilly Harrison (Social Sciences)

Dr Alexander Smith (Social Sciences)

Dr Matthew Clayton (Social Sciences)

Dr Christian Soegaard (Social Sciences)

Professor Shaun Vahey (Social Sciences)

Dr Ming-Sung Kuo (Social Sciences)

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The membership of the Investigating Committee into Cases of Suspected Cheating is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor and President (or his nominee) and is chaired by the Chair of a Faculty Board or the Chair of a Faculty Undergraduate or Graduate Studies Committee (as appropriate) other than that of the student's faculty (or his/her nominee), together with not fewer than two members drawn from the above Panel.