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Academic Integrity Committee Panel (formerly Investigating Committee of the Senate Panel)

Membership 2023/24 (subject to approval by Senate)

Up to seven members of academic staff from each of the Faculties, appointed by the Senate on the recommendation of the Boards of the Faculties

Leon Sealey-Huggins (Arts)
Professor James Davidson (Arts)
Professor Katherine Astbury (Arts)

Dr Tilly Harrison (Social Sciences)
Dr Anna Michalska (Social Sciences)
Professor Jonathan Garton (Social Sciences)
Dr Chris Clarke (Social Sciences)
Dr Teodora Todorova (Social Sciences)
Dr Thomas Crowther (Social Sciences)
Dr Cecilia Lanata-Briones (Social Sciences)

Dr Daniel Franklin (Science, Engineering and Medicine)
Dr Kevin Purdy (Science, Engineering and Medicine)
Dr Alexa Kirkaldy (Science, Engineering and Medicine)
Professor Stana Zivanovic (Science, Engineering and Medicine)
Professor Philip Young (Science, Engineering and Medicine)
Dr Leda Mirbahai (Science, Engineering and Medicine)
Dr Tim Sullivan (Science, Engineering and Medicine)
Dr Richard Kirk (Science, Engineering and Medicine)

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In line with Regulation 11: B3.3 Academic Integrity Committee

(1) An Academic Integrity Committee (AIC) is an institutional level committee drawn from a panel of teaching staff from all faculties. It decides allegations of academic misconduct as per the procedure laid down in Section B4.4 and has the powers set out in Section B3.7.

(2) An AIC shall normally consist of the Chair and two other members. It is chaired by the Chair or Deputy Chair of a Board of a Faculty, the Chair or Deputy Chair of a Faculty Education Committee or other member of academic staff nominated by the Vice-Chancellor, together with no fewer than one member drawn from the published panel. The AIC must not include any member of the student's department.


Undergraduate: Frances Evans / Nathan Morris 

Postgraduate Taught: Dr Joe Taylor 

Postgraduate Research: Rhiannon Martyn (Doctoral College) and/or