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Joint Accreditation Board (University of Warwick and University College Birmingham)

Terms of Reference
Reporting Structure

Membership 2023/24 (subject to approval by Partnerships Committee)

The Vice-Chancellors of each University:

The Vice-Chancellor and President of UoW or nominated deputy (Co-Chair)

Professor Stuart Croft

The Vice-Chancellor and Principal of UCB or nominated deputy (Co-Chair)

Professor Michael Harkin

Three senior staff of UCB, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of UCB:

Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Chief Academic Officer Vacant
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Access, Participation and Student Experience) Alice Wilby
University Secretary and Registrar Joseph Young
Up to four senior staff of UoW, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor and President of UoW:
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor Lorenzo Frigerio
Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education Quality and Standards) and Accreditation Visitor Professor Will Curtis
Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education Policy) and Accreditation Visitor Professor Andy Clark
Academic Registrar Adam Child
In attendance

Dan Derricott (Director of Education Policy and Quality, UoW)

Andrew Todd (Director of Regional Strategy and Partnerships, UoW)

Jose Lopes (Executive Director of External Engagements, UCB)


It is expected that the Joint Accreditation Board will operate by reaching consensus. Where this is not possible and vote is required, the Chair shall have a deliberative and a casting vote.

Quoracy Limit

To be quorate, two of the nominated senior members of both UCB and UoW should be present.

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Terms of Reference
Purpose as determined by the Accreditation Agreement

A Joint Accreditation Board for UCB shall be established to provide strategic oversight and management of the operation of this partnership and shall meet on at least three occasions during each academic year, online or where possible twice at UCB and once at UoW.


On behalf of the Partnerships Committee and The Senate of the University of Warwick:

(a) to have strategic oversight of the partnership to monitor and support the operation of the Accreditation, through the exchange of information and receipt of regular reports, as set out in clauses 5.7 and 7 of the Accreditation Agreement;

(b) to consider the academic plans from UCB, to be updated annually, such plans to include, among other things, the proposed introduction or withdrawal of any programme of study leading to a degree, diploma or certificate of UoW or of any new subject modules as part of such a programme;

(c) to consider and approve proposals for the introduction, amendment or withdrawal of any new programme of study leading to a degree, diploma or certificate of UoW and to report, as appropriate, to the relevant Committee of UoW;

(d) to consider and approve any proposals to deliver by distance learning or through any form of collaborative arrangement with a third party any programme leading to a degree, diploma or certificate of UoW and to report, as appropriate, to the relevant Committee of UoW;

(e) to have strategic oversight and to consider the development of collaborative activity between UoW and UCB not included in the activity set out in the validated partnership agreement;

(f) to report annually to the UoW Partnerships Committee, or through other relevant UoW committees as appropriate, and to the Council or other appropriate body of UCB;

(g) to report as appropriate to the UoW Partnerships Committee, or through its sub-committees as appropriate, on any relevant issues arising from UCB's academic audit or other reports.

Delegation of Responsibility

The Joint Accreditation Board may establish working groups or sub-groups in order to assist in fulfilling its responsibilities. The following groups are currently approved:

Group Responsibility
JAB Sub-Group

Operational oversight and leadership of the partnership in respect to the Accreditation and validated programmes.

Providing advice to the JAB on academic standards and quality assurance and taking decisions on these matters where given authority in advance to do so by the JAB.


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Reporting Structure

As outlined in the Terms of Reference. The Joint Accreditation Board reports primarily to the UoW Partnerships Committee.

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Secretariat (UoW)

Secretary: Ewan Mellor, Quality and Partnerships Development Manager, EPQ

Assistant Secretary: Vacant

Correspondence should be sent to: ucbpartnership at warwick dot ac dot uk

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Dates of meetings of the Joint Accreditation Board can be found within the University Committee Timetable.

Click here to access minutes of previous meetings.

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