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Remuneration Committee

Terms of Reference
Reporting Structure

Membership 2022/23


James Furse

The Chair of the Council

David Normington

The Treasurer

Neil Sachdev

Three independent members appointed by the Council, with expertise in
leadership and/or senior remuneration in other sectors, of whom a minimum of
two will be serving independent members of the Council.

Louise Ainsworth

Anne-Marie Headley

Lea Paterson

The Human Resources Director and Reward Manager provides expert advice to the Remuneration Committee. The Committee is authorised by the Council to obtain external professional advice if it considers this necessary, normally in consultation with the Human Resources Director.

Terms of Reference

To report to the Council:

  1. To propose the remuneration policy framework and to work within this Framework on behalf of the Council.
  2. To refer any remuneration or severance pay matters that fall outside of the approved remuneration policy framework or the delegated authority of the Committee.
  3. Annually on the work of the Committee, including decisions taken under delegated authority, and to propose amendments to the remuneration policy framework.

To approve:

  1. And review the remuneration of the Vice-Chancellor and President, members of the University Executive Board and other members of senior staff who are involved in setting and moderating the pay for senior staff.
  2. The level of severance pay to be awarded to members of staff whose salary exceeds £100,000 and all senior members of staff whose remuneration is determined by the Committee.
  3. Annually the operating framework within which the Vice-Chancellor will determine senior remuneration.

To receive:

  1. To receive an annual report on the work of the University Executive Board on Remuneration.
  2. To receive an annual report on the framework for succession planning.
  3. To receive, monitor and oversee the work of the Pay Action Group and the University’s Pay Gap reports for Gender, Ethnicity, Disability and LGBTQ+.

To adhere to:

  1. The approved Remuneration Policy Framework and operate within it, on behalf of the Council, when determining and reviewing remuneration.

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Reporting Structure

The Remuneration Committee reports to the Council.

Click here to see a diagrammatic representation of the Committee Structure.

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Dr Chris Twine, Secretary to Council
(Chris dot Twine at warwick dot ac dot uk or ext: 51957)

Assistant Secretary:
Ana Fernandez Martinez, HR Reward Analyst, Human Resources
(A dot Fernandez-Martinez at warwick dot ac dot uk)

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Dates of meetings of the Remuneration Committee can be found within the University Committee Timetable.

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