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Evacuation of Mobility Impaired Persons

This procedure and supporting guidance is for members of staff, students, and visitors, who because of a permanent or temporary disability may require assistance to leave the Clinical Sciences Building.

The University encourages anyone with a disability to declare it at the earliest possible opportunity. This is to ensure that you can realise the highest level of independence and take advantage of the network of support available from within your department and centrally.

General Guidance

  • Add the Hospital’s emergency number in your mobile phone – 02476 96 2222;
  • Always be prepared to move away from immediate danger – visible smoke and flames, for example;
  • If you think that the speed at which you are able to leave the building may have the potential to cause you injury as other people pass you more quickly in corridors and on stairways, or that you do not want to feel pressured to move more quickly then give consideration to waiting until those moving at a quicker speed have passed before continuing your evacuation;
  • Make your first objective to get a fire door between you and the incident - move through a door marked with a blue 'Fire door keep shut' sign in the direction of escape;
  • On the ground floor all exits are suitable for all levels of mobility to exit via. It is not envisaged that you would need to use a refuge within the building when exiting from this level;
  • If you are able to exit the building unassisted, but are unable to travel the distance to the assembly point, then alert one of the Fire Marshals who will ensure you are a safe distance from the building. They will also offer assistance to help you reach the assembly point or safe distance and make you comfortable in the location you are able to reach;
  • When on the upper floors of a building, move into a stairwell enclosure remote from the incident, or if on the first floor and the route is unaffected by fire you can move horizontally across the link bridge into the main hospital building.
  • Where possible a member of staff will stay with you, but if you find yourself isolated then call the Hospital’s emergency number on 02476 96 2222;
  • You will only be evacuated if it is judged to be necessary by the Incident Controller, in consultation with the Fire and Rescue Service.

The Clinical Sciences Building, within which CSRL is located, is equipped with a number of fire safety provisions that will support your safe escape and give you time to respond in the event of an emergency. The two main provisions are:

System Function – Benefit
Fire detection and alarm system Alerts occupants automatically of a potential fire within the building. These systems will give you sufficient time to either exit a building, or get to a place of safety within a building.
Fire and smoke resisting construction Acts to limit the spread of fire and smoke. All stairwells are contained within construction, that protects against smoke and heat entering the stair. This means that if you cannot self-evacuate down stairs, the stair enclosure represents a safe refuge until the incident is resolved, or it is deemed necessary to evacuate you.