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Actions of CSRL Fire Marshalls



  • If safe to do so sweep the area of the building allocated to you instructing any occupants who have not evacuated to do so immediately (see safe sweeping guidance below);
  • If you discover the fire only attempt to extinguish it if you have been trained in the use of firefighting equipment, the correct type of extinguisher is available and you have an exit route which is free of smoke and heat. Otherwise, where possible simply close the door to the fire affected area.
  • Report the incident to the hospital’s switch board from any internal phone on 2222 stating the building, the floor level, the room and the nature of the incident;
  • Give assistance to people with disabilities by escorting them to a refuge area in any of the staircase enclosures, or if it safe to do so, across the first floor link into the adjoining building. Where possible stay with them, but ensure somebody is aware of your location by asking a colleague to Inform the Clinical Science Building’s Main Fire Marshal (Yellow hi-viz vest with Fire Marshall on the back) that a refuge is in use or phone 2222 to pass on the information;
  • Make yourself known to the Clinical Science Building’s Main Fire Marshal (Yellow hi-viz vest with Fire Marshall on the back):
    • Tell the Main Fire Marshal the area you have swept and if it was clear;·
    • Inform them of the location of any persons who have not evacuated or who require further assistance to evacuate
  • Be prepared to follow the instruction of the Hospitals Incident Response Team to support the resolution of the incident and to provide them with further information about the CSRL facility as required


CSRL Fire Marshals Safe Sweeping Instructions

Your primary tasks as a Fire Marshal is to sweep the area you have been allocated to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that all occupants have left that area. Alternatively, based on what you have observed, report to the Clinical Science Building’s Main Fire Marshal that you were unable to do this owing to conditions in your allocated area.

In general in situations where you:

– See smoke/fire;

– Smell smoke, or;

– Hear fire – crackling and popping noises.

Then ABANDON YOUR SWEEP and exit the building via the nearest available exit and report to the Clinical Science Building’s Main Fire Marshal the likely location of the incident.

Approach all closed doors with caution – If the door or door handle feel warm to the touch or an amount of smoke is seeping around the edges then DO NOT open the door.

Locked doors? Work on the basis if it is locked it is empty. All occupants have a duty to respond to all fire alarm activations. The sweep of your allocated area is a simple additional precaution taken to be able to confirm to the responding emergency services the extent to which a building has been successfully evacuated.

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