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Evacuation Chair Training and Use


Regulator Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO 2005) requires the University of Warwick to have a strategy to evacuate all occupants within a building. This will be achieved by the use of Fire Wardens within the departments who are familiar with the Evacuation Chair.

What is an evacuation chair?

An Evacuation Chair is a specially designed folding chair that can be used to transport mobility impaired people down a building fire evacuation staircase.

Who needs evacuation chair training?

The Fire Warden or nominated persons directed by their HoD, will be given the opportunity to become competent in the use of the Evacuation Chair.

What will the training involve?

The evacuation chair training will be provided by a key number of University trained employees, at an approved training location, lasting no more than 1hr 30mins.

The training will cover the following key factors:

  • Safe use and operation of the device
  • Key features of the device

At the end of the training a Certificate of Competency in the use of the Evac-chair will be issued.

More information can be found in F007 - Fire Safety Work Instruction - Evacuation Chair Training and Use Guidance

Watch the video to find out more

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