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The use of defibrillators is recognised as highly beneficial in helping those who have suffered cardiac arrest, and it is estimated that 90-95% of cardiac arrests are fatal unless someone acts quickly. Think CPR, then raise the alarm and then think "where is the nearest defibrillator?" Research has shown that every minute without defibrillation reduces the chance of someone surviving an arrest by 10%.

Whilst our first aiders are all trained in the use of defibrillators, there is no need for specific training: anyone can use a defibrillator and there is no risk of hurting someone should a defibrillator need to be used by someone who has not been trained.

Please watch Ben's Story to see how effective a defibrillator can be, even in the hands of a relative novice.

There are a number of defibrillators at the University and the details of their location is available below.

The Health and Safety Department manage the University's defibrillators, with the helps of the first aiders, so if you have any questions please contact health and safety training mailbox

*updated last 23/07/2021

Location Responsible person Location
Community Safety Andy Blenkinsop Gatehouse
Community Safety Andy Blenkinsop Mobile 1
Community Safety Andy Blenkinsop Mobile 2
Community Safety Andy Blenkinsop Mobile 3
Sports Hub Duty Manager Sports Hub
Sports Hub Duty Manager Sports Hub
Westwood Games Hall Duty Manager/Andy Blenkinsop Tennis Centre
Arts Centre Barry Croxford Box Office
WMG Nicola Kirkwood IDL reception
WMG Darren Woon EIC battery testing
WMG Darren Woon EIC Ground Floor / AMPLiFII Lab
WMG Renee Crouch IIPSI reception
WMG Martin Worrall IINM Office 1st Floor
WMG Sophie Curry IMC Reception
WMG John Roberts MEC
WMG John Roberts AMMC kitchen
WMG John Roberts PLBB reception
WMG John Roberts Wellesbourne Bleasdale main workshop
Warwick Medical School Mary Bagnall Gibbet Hill, Cafe Atrium
Wellesbourne Laura Harris Reception, Prince Phillip Building
Cryfield Pavillion Tim Kaye Cryfield Pavillion Reception
Library Margaret Barwick Library enquiry desk
Warwick Business School Dene Statham Ground Floor - mid Atrium
Argent Court Mark Evans Reception
Beehive Simon Loveridge Reception
Science Concourse John Horsler Science Concourse
NAIC Ian Stoker Reception
Rootes Social Building Andy Blenkinsop / Clive Singleton Inside entrance door
IBRB Mary Bagnall
Ground floor in the IBRB
Community Safety from landline:
Dial 22222

From mobile: 024765 22222
External Links

How to use a defibrillator - a downloadable St. John's Ambulance poster

Using a Defibrillator - link to video which demonstrates how to use a defibrillator courtesy of St. John's Ambulance