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Course Overview - Radiation Awareness

Title of Course

Radiation awareness. Courses are available focusing on : -

- X-rays

- Radioactive material - sealed sources

- Radioactive material - open sources


1 day

Brief descriptor

These are radiation awareness courses for those who work with, or whose work is affected by ionising radiation. Separate courses are available focusing on ionising radiation from X-ray generating equipment , or from radioactive materials, either open sources (typically laboratory radiochemicals) or sealed sources.

Courses comprise of interactive talks and practical work. They cover all the necessary legal and practical requirements, and the subjects are taught using practical scenarios. Speakers are selected from specialists and advisers who have experience of radiation used in teaching, research and medicine.

Who is it for?

Research and technical staff using X-rays, sealed radioactive sources , laboratory radiochemicals or naturally occurring radioactive material, their managers, or those whose work may be affected by such sources.

What will the participant get out of this?

- Learn about the nature of the radiations emitted by radioactive material and X-ray generating equipment.

- Recognise the hazards of ionising radiation and the importance of keeping radiation doses "as low as reasonably practicable" (ALARP).

- Understand how ALARP is achieved in practice, including good containment, contamination control and effective use of PPE .

- Appreciate the main legal requirements for keeping and working with radioactive material and X-ray generating equipment.

- Become competent in the use of both dose rate and contamination monitors and understand how to interpret measurement results.

- Understand the importance of following safety procedures.

Participant preparation needed?


Any prior knowledge or experience required?

While students would find it useful to know something about the radioactive material they work with, no prior knowledge of radiation safety is needed.

How many places?

See individual course information

Delivered by?

1. Health Protection Agency, Radiation Protection Division. 


2. Suffolk Radiation Training Services