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Course Overview - RPS Sealed Sources and X-rays

Title of Course

Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) : Sealed Source and X-rays


2 days

Brief descriptor

RPS’s must be suitably trained and competent to supervise local rules and radiation protection aspects of work with ionising radiation (Regulation 15, Ionising Radiations regulations 2017). Attendance on an approved RPS course will meet this requirement.

Who is it for?

Anyone appointed to the role of RPS for work involving use of ionising radiation from sealed radioactive sources and X-ray generating equipment.

What will the participant get out of this?

  • Understand about hazards and risks presented by SS and X-rays.
  • Learn about administrative arrangements and precautions which must be taken to ensure all exposures are kept ‘as low as reasonably practicable’
  • Learn about radiation monitoring.
  • Know what to do in an incident situation.
  • Learn about the RPS role.

Participant preparation needed?


Any prior knowledge or experience required?

No, but familiarity with work applications involving sealed radioactive sources and / or X-ray generating equipment is required.

How many places?

See individual course information

Delivered by?

1. Aurora Health Physics

2. Radman Associates.