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Course Overview - Slinging and Banksmen

Title of course Slinging and Banksman Safety Course
Length 1-2 days 1 day where there are up to 4 delegates 2 days where there are 5-6 delegates
Brief Description To teach the basic skill requirements and associated job safety knowledge to personnel involved in slinging and lifting operations including slingers and banksmen. Where required, to provide specific job training in both related job safety knowledge and practical skill applications relating to safe slinging and signalling procedures. At the course end successful delegates should be able to identify, select, inspect and use slings and lifting tackle both safely and efficiently.
Who is it for? Those involved in slinging and lifting operations and those involved in acting as a banksman.
What will the participant get out of it? Successful delegates will be awarded with a Certificate of Training in Basic Practical Skill and Ability. A Comprehensive Course Manual will be issued to each delegate.
Participant preparation needed? None
Any prior knowledge or experience required? No
How many places? Up to 6 persons
Delivered by? External training provider (Train-a-Lift)
Cost? Approx £290/day