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Guidance on completion of claim form FP16a

We aim to process claim forms as quickly as possible.

The likelihood of there being a delay in processing your form will be much reduced if all sections of the claim form are completed accurately and clearly and if the contents of your claim comply with the University's Expenses guidance and procedures.

All claims are processed in order of date of receipt. However, if you have used a personal credit card for University business you should highlight the front of the claim form stating "Urgent payment: credit card statement attached". In these instances the claim will be expedited to ensure that the individual does not incur charges for late payment due to slow payment by the University.

Expenses are paid via a weekly BACS run every Thursday, with funds credited to your bank account the following Monday.

Period of claim

Enter the first and last date of the period for which the claim is being made. All claims should be submitted within three months of the expenditure being incurred.

Address for remittance advice and email address

Payment will be via BACS, unless a specific request is received for payment by cheque. Your remittance advice will be sent by email - please insert your email address if this is your first claim. If you do not have an email address, please enter the address to which you wish your remittance advice to be sent.

Further bank/building society details

If this is your first claim or a revision to an existing instruction, enter the full details of your bank account number and sort code - otherwise, leave this box blank. Please ensure all figures are clear.

University of Warwick employee and fee payable

Circle 'Yes' or 'No' as to whether you are a University of Warwick employee. If 'Yes', enter your job title. If 'No' you should use this form only if you are not being paid a fee by the University but are just claiming expenses. If you are not an employee and are claiming expenses in connection with work for which a fee is payable then you should use a VAM expenses form. The employment status of the claimant must be clearly stated to ensure the claim is processed in accordance with HMRC rules.

Vendor number

If this is your first claim leave this box blank, otherwise insert your 8-digit vendor number (beginning with '3'). For subsequent claims your vendor number should be ascertained from your remittance advice or from SAP. If the vendor number is not inserted your claim will be returned unpaid (except for new claimants).

Mileage allowance

This is a summary of the details that should be given on the reverse of the form. Mileage rates are generally reviewed each October. Enter the total number of miles at each of the appropriate rates, then enter the product in the box.

Travel and subsistence expenses

This is a summary of the details that should be given on the reverse of the form.


If you have received an advance in respect of this trip, the amount of the advance should be recorded here and then deducted from the total reimbursement claimed.

  • Claimant's signature: sign to request reimbursement of the above expenses and to certify that they were all necessarily incurred on University business and that valid and appropriate insurance is in force where travel is by private vehicle.
  • Authorised signatory: authorisation by the person responsible for your particular department or financial unit.
  • University-level signatory: for Heads of academic and support departments the form should be authorised by the Chair of Faculty, Director of Finance, Registrar or University Secretary as appropriate. Heads of departments who report to CRAG should have their claims authorised by the Registrar or Deputy Registrar.
Expenditure codes

Enter the 6-number general ledger code. Mileage reimbursement should be coded to 210424. This code is used to identify the number of miles employees have been paid in each tax year to ensure compliance with Inland Revenue rules. Enter the code for the cost centre/project/order, the amount and a brief description so that the expenditure is easily identifiable on SAP.

Details of travelling and subsistence expenses incurred

The following details must be included:

  • Date
  • Journey start and end points (with postcodes if known) together with any necessary deviations from the most direct route
  • Reason for journey

If you have used a credit card while abroad, please attach a copy of your credit card statement showing the relevant transaction and enter the sterling amount on your claim form.

Original receipts for all expenditure must be attached (not photocopies). It is helpful if you number your receipts sequentially and then insert this number at the right-hand side of the form against the appropriate row.

The daily subsistence rates are the maximum allowed and not a daily entitlement irrespective of actual expenditure.


If the claim includes reimbursement of entertainment costs you must list:

  • the purpose of the function
  • names of the guests and the organisation they work for
  • names of Warwick University staff present

The general ledger code for entertainment is 2385--.

Notes on Excel version of Form FP16a