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Who we are and what we do

The Expenses team is part of the Human Resources department - we're here to help you by processing expenses in both an internal and an external capacity. Only expenses that are in accord with the University's Financial Procedures will be reimbursed - please check before you incur any.

We can be contacted by:

  • email via expenses at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • telephone 024 76 5 23000 (internal extension: 23000)
  • our office hours are 9am-5.30pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-4.30pm Friday.

Expenses Policy Update September 2020

Due to the Covid-19 crisis and as part of the University’s response to the Climate Emergency, two significant changes plus a number of amendments have been made to the University’s travel policy:

Until further notice, all overseas travel bookings should only be made through the university approved travel management company, Key Travel

  1. Rail should be the default mode of transport for all UK & European journeys of up to 6 hours, even if the financial cost is higher than other forms of transport. 
  2. Train travel : Employees should travel Standard Class. The option to request First Class travel for journeys exceeding two hours has been removed.
  3. Car hire: Road journeys exceeding 100 business miles per day should only be considered where travel by train is not a viable option, and a hired vehicle, rather than a private one, should be the preferred option.
  4. Air travel :UK air travel requires the approval of the HoD and should be notified to via the departmental FinRegs Champion (Sally Hicks for HR), along with justification for the reason for choosing air travel.
  • Air travel should normally be in Economy Class.
  • A “Green Levy” of £15 will be charged to the Department for all UK and European flights.
  • A “Green Levy” of £60 will be charged to the Department for all non-European flights.
Members of Staff

Members of staff should claim expenses via Concur (except for per diems which should be claimed using paper forms FP16g and FP16h below)

PhD/EngD Students

Please complete a claim on form FP16a PhD and once it has been processed we will set you up on Concur and advise you to use Concur to submit claims going forward. (Please also use this form if you need to change your bank details).

Non members of staff

Non members of staff should make claims for travel and subsistence on the following forms and submit them to their department for coding and authorisation:

Travel and subsistence claim form (Paper version) (staff on the salary Payroll should use Concur)

FP16a(PDF Document) FP16a (Excel Spreadsheet) Updated Dec 19

Find out more

Travel and subsistence claim form (Excel version) (staff on the salary Payroll should use Concur)

FP16a Excel (Excel Spreadsheet)

Travel and subsistence claim form (PhD & EngD students only)



Advance of travel expenses - only to be requested in cases of financial hardship, when considerable expenditure is anticipated and no other payment method available

Contact for details re travel advances on Concur

Expenses incurred in attending an interview

See Interview Expenses

Foreign per diem allowance

FP16g (Excel Spreadsheet) 

Declaration of attendance re advance per diem

FP16h(PDF Document)

Foreign Bank Details

See Foreign Payments Form

Got a question you'd like our help with?
  • Get in touch: expenses at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • Check out our FAQs page
  • Take a look at our contact page if you need to speak to a specific member of the team
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