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Excel spreadsheet version of form FP16a

Form FP16a is now available in a spreadsheet format, in which totals will be automatically calculated and your personal details can be saved.
You can download and save the form as an Excel spreadsheet and then use this saved spreadsheet every time you make a claim.
Please read the information below, and then if you wish to download a form click on the link on the right and follow these steps:

  • Click on the link to download
  • You will be prompted to Open, Save or Cancel the action
  • If you get a message saying that macros are not enabled, go to the developer tab in Excel, click on macro security, enable all macros
  • (If you cannot see the developer tab, go to the office button, excel options, tick show developer tab in ribbon)
  • At the welcome screen, click OK
  • Then follow the instructions as the spreadsheet opens

The spreadsheet contains 6 worksheets:
Home: details of how to use the spreadsheet
Front: enter your personal details e.g. name, vendor number which can then be saved for use in future claims
Back: enter details of expenditure every time you make a claim (Note: the date should be entered in the format 23 Apr 11)
Log: for optional use if you are claiming mileage allowances
Help: further details regarding current allowances,how to print and save your file etc
Tax Help: further details with links to HMRCwebsites for optional assistance if you are claiming a mileage allowance

Allowance rates shown on the spreadsheet are those that currently apply (unchanged for 2010/11). Current rates are available on the travel and subsistence sections of the expenses webpage.
When allowance rates are changed, please ensure that trips made before the change are claimed at the old rate and those after the change are claimed at the new rate and make these claims on separate forms.

Foreign Expenses
Enter the amount in local currency (as per your receipt) in the column headed "Foreign Expenditure" (col O) and the exchange rate in the column headed "Exchange Rate" (col N). The spreadsheet automatically calculates the sterling equivalent of foreign expenditure, which will appear in a green-shaded column at the far right of the spreadsheet. You then just need to transfer this sterling equivalent to the appropriate column e.g accommodation, lunch, other etc
You have spent 124 euros on accommodation
enter 124 in Foreign Expenditure column (O)
enter 1.6 in Exchange Rate column (N)
£77.50 appears automatically in green-shaded column (W)
in the column headed accommodation, enter = followed by the cell in the green-shaded column

NB please ensure you get the exchange rate the correct way round ie amount of foreign currency you receive for £1

After you have completed the details on the back worksheet please remember to:

  • Print the form -the Print button on the back worksheet will automatically print the front and back worksheets for you to retain for your records. Please photocopy these onto a double-sided single piece of paper to send to the Payroll Office for payment. This copy should be on white paper for University departments, purple for WMG etc, as usual
  • Sign the form yourself and ensure it is signed by the authorised departmental signatory
  • Attach all relevant receipts
  • Save the spreadsheet
  • When you next make a claim, press clear on the back worksheet and enter details of new expenditure

Excel version of form FP16a

Note: you may need to "enable content" if you get a message about macros when you open the spreadsheet.