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Immigration Support Scheme and Immigration Health Surcharge

The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) is a contribution to the National Health Service (NHS) of £624 per person per year that individuals applying for a first UK visa of more than six months or renewing their UK visa are required to pay. Full details of the IHS can be found on the GOV.UK webpages

New employees who qualify for relocation can include the IHS in their application for relocation costs. If relocation costs exceed the relocation package, then an application can be made for reimbursement of the IHS under the Immigration Support SchemeLink opens in a new window (ISS). Existing employees or new employees who do not qualify for relocation can also apply for reimbursement under the ISS. Alternatively, we also offer an IHS loan scheme:

Immigration Health Surcharge loan scheme – applicant guide
  • HR-PR9 form - application for a loan to cover the Immigration Health Surcharge - please note - the maximum loan that can currently be applied for is £5,000

If you have any queries about financial support for the IHS, please contact the Expenses Manager

Want to find out more?
  • Visit the GOV.UK webpages to find out how much and when you may need to pay for an IHS