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Interview expenses

External candidates may claim interview expenses on form FP16f (Word) or FP16f (PDF) which should be authorised in the interviewing department and then emailed to Expenses at warwick dot ac dot uk. As with all other claims for the reimbursement of expenses, receipts must be provided. Claims should be submitted to the interviewing department within one month of the interview date. Details of the amounts which may be claimed are shown at the end of the claim form.

Overnight accommodation

If candidates are unable to travel to and from the University in a single day, they may claim for overnight accommodation. Departments must use the University facilities (e.g. Arden, Scarman, Radcliffe) in the first instance. Departments should book the accommodation stating that it is for interview purposes and the cost should be recharged internally to the interviewing department.

Overseas candidates

If a candidate is based overseas, departments should consider using telephone or video conferencing interviews in the first instance. However, if overseas travel is required, candidates should source the cheapest flights and travel economy class only. Departments should also ask candidates to consider travelling on different days or times in order to avoid premium periods; it can often be the case that travelling a day earlier and providing overnight accommodation is cheaper than the most convenient flight.