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UK travel and subsistence allowances

The Expenses guidance and procedures document (FP16) provides a complete statement of the approved arrangements in this area. Please note that current maximum reimbursement rates are those shown on the travel and subsistence pages of the Payroll website.

Car parking

Reasonable car parking costs will be reimbursed. However, it remains an obligation on staff to ensure that car parking costs are kept to a reasonable minimum and that they represent value for money, especially at airports.

Congestion and toll charges

Congestion and toll charges will be refunded on production of a valid receipt. The University will not reimburse any fines or penalties irrespective of whether they were incurred whilst travelling on University business or not.


Staff are reminded that, when using their own vehicles on University business, they should ensure that they have appropriate insurance cover, since such usage is not covered by a University policy.


The University's financial regulations require that claims for reimbursement of expenses should be supported by evidence that the expenditure has actually been incurred, not only to ensure that fraudulent claims are not made but also to avoid a claim by HMRC that the expense payment should be subject to tax.

If you have any queries regarding these allowances or expense claims generally, please contact J dot Carvell at warwick dot ac dot uk (tel: 23726) or L dot Lewis at warwick dot ac dot uk (tel: 72996) in the Payroll section of the HR department.