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Council Tax

Council Tax is a tax set by the council, it helps pay for local services such as education and social services. Each council is responsible for collecting council tax from all households in their area.

When you have found your accommodation, you are legally obliged to inform your local council within 21 days of moving in. Likewise, if you move, you must inform the Council of the change within 21 days.

Each local authority sets the amount of Council Tax you pay. The amount set depends on how much the council and certain other public bodies (eg: police, fire) in the local authority area spend and how much money they get from elsewhere, as well as the size and price of the property that you are living in.

Coventry City Council - Tax Information page

Warwick District Council - Tax Information page

All homeowners must pay council tax on their property.

For rented properties, you may have to pay council tax or it may be included in the rent price. You should check beforehand whether you will have to pay council tax and, if so, what tax band your property is under as this will affect the amount you have to pay.