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Webinar FAQs - Blackboard Collaborate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any member of staff access and use Blackboard Collaborate?

Yes, any member of staff can request for a Blackboard Collaborate room to be setup. This will in turn allow any individual staff/student/non-Warwick guest to join, provided they are issued with either the telephone dial in number or the Participant/Guest hyperlink.

My department has setup a BB Collaborate session for me, can central AV support the webinar?

If you have not scheduled your webinars using the Webinar booking form then I'm afraid we are unable to assist you with your BB Collaborate queries.

Please contact your local department for support and guidance.

Unfortunately we have no control over sessions created by local departments.

Departments, like WBS and CTE, have their own BB Collaborate licensing packages which allows their colleagues to schedule their own sessions and we cannot support queries in related to these sessions/webinars.

How do we go about setting up a webinar?

You can submit an online form via the AV Services website.

You will receive an email with links for both the roles of Moderator and Presenter. You will also see the phone number/hyperlink information needed to distribute for your session.

Alternatively, you can call a member of the AV Services team on 024 765 22463 for support or assistance.

We strongly advise that you arrange the session as early as possible prior to the start date and time to allow for the testing of your local computer and Audio Visual equipment and to familiarise yourself with the software itself.

Do I have to complete the ‘arrange a webinar’ form each time I need to run a remote session?

If you have never used Blackboard Collaborate before then we would advise submitting the online form to request a webinar as a test to familiarise yourself with the software and decide if it is a suitable platform for your needs. Should you envisage having multiple sessions then we can open up a longer term session for you.

How many people can share their video feed simultaneously?
A maximum of 4 people would be visible in a session. Everyone in a session can have their audio and video enabled but a maximum of 4 participants would show on your screen.
What is the maximum number of people that can join a session?
100 participants can join an active session.
For the best Blackboard Collaborate experience with your screen reader please use Firefox and Jaws or NVDA on a Windows system.
On a Mac please use Safari and VoiceOver.

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