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MyFiles Web - A Quick Tour

The new MyFiles Web interface is similar to the old one, but brings in some elements of file managers like Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder. As before, all communication between your system and the server is encrypted to protect your data as it is transferred back and forth.
myfiles login screen

Logging in

The login screen allows you to select a language for your session. Note that all translations are provided to us with our software, so it's not our fault if there are any gaps or mistakes!

You can also select the mobile version here if you are using a phone or tablet and want to switch to a simpler interface.

The grey letters in brackets in the top right show which server you are connecting to. We may ask you for this if you need to contact us for support.

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Note that if you are using a public workstation, you must log out of your
MyFiles session and close your browser when you have finished.