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Operating Systems Supported

Working on a Warwick Managed computer

Most staff at Warwick use a Warwick managed device, whether that is a desktop computer or a laptop. Using a managed device is our preferred option because you will receive the latest operating systems, software, anti-virus and security patches. If you are using a Warwick managed Windows device, you should be working on the Windows 10 operating system. For Linux information, see below.

Working on a University self-managed or personal machine

Whilst many of us continue to work from home, some staff are using university purchased self-managed or personal machines. If this is the case for you, you should only use these devices if you can tick every box on the Best Practice Guidance checklist. You should ensure your computer is running the latest operating system, whether it is a Mac, Linux or Windows device. However, please note that we do not include Beta versions of software and recommend you only take established versions of Operating Systems when working on Warwick data.

If you are unsure, do not carry out any University tasks on the device and contact the Help DeskLink opens in a new window for advice. Please avoid downloading any personal or sensitive data to personal devices - if possible, work on online documents and directly into online systems. If you have to work with University data, you can either use Workspace or get registered with the Device Security System (DSS) to ensure data security.

Operating system and workstation image

We support a Managed Windows 10 Desktop and CentOS Linux Desktop (the latter is currently only available in work area A0.01 and the Mathematics Institute). The initial configuration of the operating system and software installed on a Windows computer is referred to as the computer ‘image’.

At the current time June 2021, the following services for Mac users continue to be supported we do not support Macs with operating systems prior to OS X.

Still got Windows 7 or 8?

Any computers still running Windows 7 or 8 need to be migrated or replaced. Contact the helpdesk to get your Managed device updated.

Best practice guidance

If you feel confident to do so, you should ensure the following security measures are in place on your personal or self-managed Warwick computer:

your operating system (OS) and software are up-to-date.

you've set a login password and you are keeping your ITS Account secure

you have up-to-date anti-virus protection installed

you have enabled a firewall

your hard disk is encrypted (be sure to keep your password safe)

 Keeping your work secure

See also the IS10: Mobile & Remote Working Policy

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