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Project Management Case Studies: Sports Centre Systems

Project Manager: James Farnhill

Why the university needed this project

The project to replace the Sport Centre's systems was instigated because time had moved on since they were created and the software was in need of a refresh.

Through this project, it was aimed to move the Sports Centre on to industry standard software that brought all data together in one place and provided comprehensive reports for the Centre’s management.

What we did

It took two years to see the project to completion. Once the new system was identified it then had to be tested to ensure it worked with the University’s many other systems. Before the launch training was organised for the Sports Centre staff, and once it had gone live any issues were identified and work to fix them took place as quickly as possible.

What benefits the project brought about

The new system hasn’t just improved customer service at the Sports Centre, it’s also freed up more staff time to deal with other issues, opened up possibilities for targeted marketing and provided information that has guided management decisions on new projects.

The project also led to the following changes:

  • The agreement with the Student Union was renegotiated so members of clubs and societies have membership of Warwick Sport.
  • New Standard Operating Procedures were introduced for front of house and finance to support both the system and a more efficient way of delivering services to members.
  • A partnership agreement was negotiated with the software supplier to address any issues raised.
  • There was a review of the roles in the Sports Centre to support the new system.
Moving forward

By the close of the project Warwick Sport had an IT system that is helping it reach its strategic goals of being the go-to sports centre in the local area which provides customers with a first class service.

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