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Access 2013

Access 97 files warning

Before you install Office 2013, check that you’re not still using any Access 97 database files. If you do have Access 97 files, you should open them in Office 2010 and resave them to a newer format before making the upgrade or you won’t be able to access them when you have installed Office 2013. If you share databases make sure that the database owner is fully informed before you update a database. More details below.


Many people at Warwick use Access it for running predefined databases and this can continue as normal, but Access 2013 has moved towards the Cloud like all the other applications in the Office suite and can now produce Web Apps which can be accessed through a browser

The ability to build Access Web Apps is the main new feature of Access 2013, but they will require a fair amount of work and a good understanding of database construction. There is built in Wizard help available in building these, so you're not working with no guidance at all when constructing one and some elements are pre-constructed, as long as the Web App you are trying to build can be based on one of the database templates provided

Please note that Web Apps are accessed through SharePoint

Further information:

Changes in Access 2013:

How to create a Web App:

Important Note:

There is an issue with some older Access databases not opening. Microsoft have dropped support for .mdb files from Access 97. If you have any Access 97 .mdb's they will need to be converted before they can be used with office 2013 and this cannot be done in Office 2013. .mdb's created in a later version of Office will still open ok

For instructions on how to convert a database in Office 2010 so that it will be in a format supported by Office 2013 go here:

If you do upgrade to Office 2013 and then find you have an older database that won't open we can provide a means to get Office 2010 temporarily for you to upgrade your database. However this will involve some inconvenience and you may not be able to use the database straightaway