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Mentoring At Warwick

Internal Mentoring Scheme for Leaders and Managers

Mentoring is a great way for both mentors and mentees to learn, grow, and accelerate their personal and professional development journey, whilst also expanding their own network and leadership skills.

Traditionally, mentoring has been understood as someone more senior imparting knowledge to others. While this is beneficial, expertise exists at all levels and therefore this scheme recommends matches based upon levels of knowledge and experience, using the leadership framework as a guide.

Warwick has partnered with Connectr, an award-winning platform to manage our internal mentoring scheme for leaders and managers.

Become a Mentor

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please watch the video below.

For full scheme details please read the Mentor Handbook.

If you would like to become a mentor, please register via this form.

Become a Mentee

If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please watch the video below.

For full scheme details please read the Mentee Handbook.

Register your interest below as a mentee by adding your contact details via this Waitlist Form.

External Mentoring Scheme


As members of the Whitehall and Industry Group (WIG), mentoring is already available through the WIG Mentor Match.

What is the WIG Mentor Match?

The WIG Mentor Match supports you to find a mentor with someone from outside of Warwick, but within the WIG membership. WIG members include charities, Whitehall departments, universities, local authorities, FTSE 100 companies and professional services firms.

How do I access a WIG Mentor or become a WIG Mentor?

1. Set-up a WIG account: Use your Warwick email address to obtain free access.

2. Complete your Mentor Match profile: Mentor Match (

3. Explore potential mentors.

4. Connect with potential mentors.