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Effective Feedback and Development Conversations

Course overview

Who is it for?

Managers and those conducting Personal Development Reviews, particularly those who are new to the process.

Session Objectives:

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify the skills required to hold effective conversations with your line reports/reviewees
  • Identify the importance of listening and questioning skills and the ability to operate with emotional intelligence
  • Use different feedback models to plan and delivery your feedback
  • Identify different types of development activities and consider those appropriate to your line reports/reviewees
  • Plan your approach to having effective, regular conversations with your staff


This session is designed for people who manage others and focusses on the importance of having regular conversations with staff about their development and performance. It provides the opportunity to practice the key skills required in holding effective conversations, including listening, asking questions, acting with emotional intelligence, giving feedback, and developing others.

Additional information:

Participants are required to complete the following pre-work:

Dates, venues and bookings

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