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Career Development

Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


Skills for Researchers

 A new website has been developed to provide specific career guidance for Research Active Staff. Visit the site.

Careers Development Support - includes information on the programme of workshops (see the Organisational Development Course Directory and 1-1 meetings available via online booking, with expert career consultants.

Career Pathways - guidance on how to plan your career progression in academia and advice on opportunities outside academia.

Recruitment and Selection - advice on how to maximise your chances at each stage of the recruitment process.

Career development-focused resources can also be found in the Resource Bank, with further presentations from events and case studies being added on an ongoing basis.

We also have further information offering careers advice which was collated under Roberts Funding (2009-11).

Hundreds of PhD Students Chasing Everyday Careers - Times Higher Educational article. An interesting read about academic jobs available for PhD students.

Organisational Development will be developing a range of activities to support enterprise & entrepreneurship initiatives.
Please check the website and monthly e-newsletter for developments.

Equality and diversity issues can be important in considering your own career development and your working relationships in the academic and research environment.

Take a look at further information on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, including:

Please read the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion newsletter.
This is produced each term to brief colleagues on the latest E,D and I issues and activities. 

Organisational Development provides a range of leadership learning & development opportunities for Research Active Staff.

Those starting out are able to attend the Warwick Introduction to Management (WIM) which is on the Organisational Development open programme.

Preparing for Leadership.
This programme last ran in November 2018. Further dates to be announced (likely to be Academic Year 2020/21)

Leadership in Action
This programme ran in Spring 2019, and is running again in Spring 2020.  

The aim of the programme is to equip Research Team Leaders with the key skills needed to lead and manage their teams.

We also offer the Warwick Leadership Programme (WLP) which offers staff with significant management responsibilities a nine-month development programme tailored to the needs of each individual.

Skills training is important in the support of current research needs and future career development. Two areas have been identified as key to meeting the needs of Research Active Staff:

Research Integrity

The university expects and supports research operating at the highest standards, ensuring compliance with the 'Concordat to Support Research Integrity'. Completion of the Epigeum Research Skills (Research Integrity) online training course is recommended for all research active staff.

Academic Writing Programme
Successful academic writing is important to the development of a researcher. Organisational Development offers a range of support on key writing skills and opportunities, including 1:1 support, workshops, 2-day writing awaydays (Academic Writing Retreat 'Bootcamps') and online resources.