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Academic Writing Programme

The initial LDC Academic Writing Programme started in 2011, in response to requests by Post-Docs across the University. The remit has now increased to include all Research Active Staff.

This collaborative programme, with Rochelle Sibley from the Warwick Writing Programme, has proved popular and effective in meeting researcher needs: developing this vital academic skill as we aim to support more Research Active Staff at Warwick. Thereafter we were assisted by George Ttoouli and then Davina Whitnall from 2018.

The activities are offered in addition to existing academic writing support found in Faculties and Departments, as we aim to meet needs identified across disciplines: engaging with a specific writing issue, or developing an idea into a deliverable project.

See the current RAS Learning and Development Opportunities page as well as the Resource Bank Pages

1 - 1 Support

Academic Writing Workshops

  • Being a Prolific Writer (Dec 14,Jan 18, Jun 19, Oct 19)
  • Finding Funding and Writing Funding Proposals (Nov 16)
  • Handling Feedback from Journals, Publishers and Grant Review Panel
    (Jan 17)
    • Making the Most of Sabbatical Time (May 17)
    • Online Dissemination for Impact (Jun 15)
    • Raising your Article Quality (Jun 18, May 19)
    • Ref Cycles, Open Access and the Competitive Academic Workplace (Feb 17)
    • Quantitative and Qualitative Argument Architecture (May 18)
    • Star Maker: The Difference Between 2* and 3* Journal Articles (Jun 19)
    • Translating Research for Multiple Audiences (Nov 17)
    • Unlock your Creativity:Creativity and Ideas Generation (Nov 19)
    • Writing 4* Journal Articles (Feb 15)
    • Writing Collaboratively (Jan 15)
    • Writing for Impact (Nov 16, Oct 17, Jun 19)
    • Writing for Non-Specialist Audiences (May 15)

    2 Day Academic Writing Retreat "Bootcamps"

    2- Day Academic Writing Retreat "Bootcamps" will also be offered, which have proved popular and productive for researchers over the last two years. These offer Research Active Staff the space, time and support (if needed) to focus exclusively on their writing.

    The two days are structured to allow participants to discuss their research and writing strategies with research staff and their writing tutor, and most importantly to have dedicated writing time. Writing away days may be of benefit to those beginning a new project and to research staff who wish to focus on editing existing work or producing a piece of work from existing research.

    • Retreat 'Bootcamp' (Mar 15, Jul 15, Mar 18, Jul 18, Mar 19, Jul 19, 7 Nov 19, 15 Nov 19)

      Planning Your Publication Strategy (a collaboration between Student Careers & Skills (SCS) & the Learning Development Centre)

      • Planning Your Publication Strategy: The Essentials (RSSP 13R) (Repeat session November 2014/ March 2015)
      • Planning Your Publication Strategy: Journals (Science & Medicine) details coming soon - April 2015
      • Planning Your Publication Strategy: Journals (Arts & Social Sciences)details coming soon - May 2015
      • Planning Your Publication Strategy: (Scholarly Books) details coming soon - May 2015
      • Planning Your Publication Strategy: Conference Papers details coming soon - June 2015
      • Planning Your Publication Strategy: Social & Informal Publishing details coming soon - June 2015

      For details of all the workshops/camps currently open for bookings please visit the 'Research Active Staff' section of the OD Course Directory.

      LDC, now Organisational Development, is continuing to provide funding for Research Active Staff to benefit from individual support to gain advice on specific writing issues.

      These one-hour sessions can be used to consult an expert on your writing issues, such as:

      • existing draft applications
      • producing a piece of work from existing research
      • more broadly planning your research/writing strategies.

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      Online Resources

      A comprehensive series of online resources have been developed to help Research Active Staff enhance their academic writing skills.

      Many of these resources are in the form of video recordings of key presentations in the 2013 programme of Academic Writing workshops, particularly useful if you are unable to attend a particular event.

      Further resources on a range of themes can be found in our Resource Bank.

      The Resource pages currently available (to university staff only, please sign in to view the page)


      “How to write a blogpost from your journal article”

      Below is a brief extract from an interesting blogpost on expanding the reach of your journal article: visit the blog for further details

      "In the digital world, academic authors now get multiple chances to create their own accessible messages. Without having to accommodate to the limited expertise or limiting agendas of journalists and broadcasters, researchers can explain directly and clearly. Make your case as briefly, clearly and accessibly as you can. If the work is good, it could be retweeted, read and favourited by the right people in your research community. And from that cites will flow. If you can really do communication in an accessible way, your writing may also circulate widely in other disciplines and in the external world outside universities, enhancing your reputation there."


       Journal Articles:

      Writing Bids & Grants

      English for Academic Purposes Toolkit

      Collaborative Writing

      Prolific Writing:

      Impact Via Online Engagement