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Enterprise Support at Warwick

There is a dual focus to this page:

  • An access point for Research Active Staff to identify Enterprise & Entrepreneurial resources within Warwick and
  • An accessible bank of Enterprise information for Research Active staff (RAS) to refer their students to knowledge about Enterprise & Entrepreneurship activity at Warwick
Name of Department Department Information and the Support it can Offer to Research Active Staff

Centre for Education in Industry (CEI)

Julian Stanley

CEI logo

CEI has over 10 years experience in the development of enterprise and entrepreneurship education for young people in primary, secondary and further education. In particular, CEI has developed quality assurance tools which can be used by schools and colleges to benchmark and stimulate development. CEI supports schools to achieve an award which has been formally endorsed as a National Standard for Excellence in Enterprise Education. CEI is working with European partners to develop entrepreneurship education across Europe. (The Entrepreneurial School Project. EU Commission 2013 - 2015). CEI has evaluated local and national enterprise education programmes and contributed to research into enterprise education. For further information see:

Corporate Relations

Dr Allyson Reed

Corporate Relations


The Corporate Relations team is committed to promoting collaboration with business and managing strategic relationships with corporate partners. With diverse experience across industry and academia, the team can help you find your way around the University and identify the most relevant academics and/or facilities. Team members specialise in the following key areas and are particularly keen to develop collaborative opportunities respectively: Analytical and Materials Sciences; Energy and Urban Sciences; Healthcare; Life Sciences.

The department also assists with sourcing funding for collaborative projects with industry partners, and members sometimes play supportive non-executive roles in entrepreneurial ventures.

Student Careers & Skills


Warwick Social Enterprise Awards – Warwick has been chosen as a partner for an initiative to develop and grow social entrepreneurship in HE institutions (HEIs). Staff and students with ideas for creating a social enterprise are able to bid for funding and support to help test out or grow their entrepreneurial idea. Contact: Richard Groves

Postgraduate Researcher Enterprise Programme (for students)
Research to Reality (for students)
Café Enterprise (for students)

University of Warwick Science Park (UWSP)

David Grindrod


UWSP offers comprehensive enterprise support through the provision of marketing, premises, access to finance, and strategy delivered via mentoring, consultancy, workshops, projects and the Ignite programme.

There is an additional website that is entirely focussed on the Minerva Business Angel activity run by UWSP.

Warwick Business School


Warwick Business School provides support to research active staff through regular events and one to one support. General information regarding WBS research can be found at Research). Where events are available to all university staff they will be advertised on the LDC website.

The Enterprise Research Centre (ERC) is an independent research centre which conducts policy relevant research on SME growth and development

Professor Stephen Roper:Director of Enterprise Research Centre

Warwick Entrepreneurs

Warwick Entrepreneurs

Warwick Entrepreneurs is a student society designed to support and develop entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills. It is an appropriate and innovative group whether you've already started a business, only have an idea, or want to find out more about Entrepreneurship.
If you feel you need supports to kick start an idea or a space to work with your team on your business, then make sure you add your profile on Warwick Entrepreneurs ‘Incubator’ site where you will be offered physical space within WMG's International digital lab, mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and access to a range of contacts.

Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG)


Dr Jay Bal

WMG is able to provide extensive support to lone entrepreneurs seeking to start new businesses and to small and medium enterprises through its SME programmes in the International Institute of Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI)and the International Digital Laboratory (IDL). We also have a wide range of education programmes and innovative collaborative research programmes which are available to support the SME programmes.

Setting up a journal club in WMG's materials themed group

International Digital Laboratory (IDL)

Information on Full time (Enterprise related) Masters programmes


Warwick Pioneers, Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells (MOAC)

Professor Alison Rodger

Warwick Pioneers provides training for Science PhD students and early career researchers on how to turn your research into a commercial product. This is in the form of a 10 CAT module offered as a stand-alone course or as part of the PG Certificate in Transferable Skills in Science.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Transferable Skills in Science for Postdoctoral Researchers (course code: F1PH) is a 60 CATS certificate composed of a number of modules to help you identify and gain core skills for a career in science. The Postgraduate Award in Transferable Skills in Science for Postdoctoral Researchers (course code: F1PJ) is a shorter version if you have less time at Warwick



Warwick Ventures Ltd

Warwick Ventures

Quentin Compton-Bishop


Warwick Ventures commercialises innovations produced from research at the University: their role is to support the University’s innovators throughout the process of generating impact and a commercial return from their research, whilst they maintain their academic focus.
Warwick Ventures also manage protection of the University’s Intellectual Property, provide development funding for proof of concept work, manage commercial relationships and share resulting revenue.
Warwick Ventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Warwick and plays a key supporting role in building the University’s reputation for research excellence.