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Research Data Management - Planning

Planning for research is essential and should include data management. Well-considered Research Data Management (RDM) is important for the success of a research project.

  • What does a Data Management Plan Contain?
  • I am starting a research project. How should I manage my research data?
  • What should I do with sensitive data?
  • Where can I deposit my research data at the end of a project or publication or publication.

Creating a Data Management Plan can be very illuminating and produces a useful document to provide to funders or to discuss with supervised students. This session will focus on what a plan needs to contain, take a look at some camps DMPs and will demonstrate the use of the Digital Curation Centre's DMP online service with the chance to create a plan for your own project.

Who should attend?
University of Warwick Research Active Staff (staff on Research-focussed, Teaching-focussed and Research and Teaching contracts) and PhD students.

Workshop enables delegates to:

By the end of the session attendees will have

  • learned how to create Data Management Plans for research
  • gained a great understanding of RDM
  • discovered where to find help if needed

Vitae Development Framework:

Knowledge and intellectual abilities: A1

Personal effectiveness: B1

Research governance and organisation: C1

Workshop Pre-work:

Any pre-work for this workshop will be emailed to delegates

Led by:

Heather Lawler, Research Data Office, The Library

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13.00 - 14.30
Thursday 23 January 2020

10.00 - 11.30
Thursday 6 February 2020

Workshop Details

Thursday 30 January 2020

15.00 - 16.30

Library Training Room, Floor 2, The Library

Any questions?

Workshop content:

Heather Lawler
Research Data Officer,
The Library

Workshop arrangements:
Jane Cooper
Administrative Assistant, Organisational Development,
Ext: 24893.