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Westwood Practice Rooms

Free to book from Monday to Friday 9am till 3pm

These rooms are single occupancy only!

Slots are booked hourly and will last for 45 minutes, your session begins on the hour and ends at quarter to the next hour. Please make sure you adhere to the 45 minute rule to minimise unnecessary corridor crossing.

The pianos in Westwood are of varying quality, we advise this is not the best place for piano rehearsal at this time.


  • Do not arrive earlier than scheduled.
  • Do not socialise in the space before or after your rehearsal time.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided and keep your mask on while walking around the building.
  • Before you use the music stands inside the rooms please use the antibacterial wipes provided to wipe them down.
  • If you are in a one of the smaller practice rooms (4-7) please make sure the window is open.
  • Please keep the volume of your rehearsal at a level which enables normal conversations to take place within the building.
  • When you are finished with the room please use the antibacterial wipes provided to wipe down the music stand.

If anyone is found to be using the space incorrectly or found to be breaking the rules we will cancel all activity in the building with immediate effect.


Please click here to see where the practice rooms can be found on campus

Practice rooms are labelled in the building, do not follow what the Warwick interactive map states.

Practice rooms 1-3 are now only available to book through the Central Timetabling team.

Please use the below timetable to book your 45 minute slot

You will need to sign in to make bookings.
Mon, Aug 8 Tue, Aug 9 Wed, Aug 10 Thu, Aug 11 Fri, Aug 12