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Week 4 The Power of SMART Targets - seeing the finish line

Time is not the enemy. Sometimes writing a whole article of HEA application just seems to big a job and so easily slips down our list of things we are happy to attempt. Breakdown these larger tasks into smaller chunks and reward yourself when you achieve your target.

Often at this stage participants are seeing the value in the quarantined time in their calendar. Discussions around how protected this time is are of interest with a chance for people to share thoughts hints and tips about how to make this time protected. We don't answer emails when we are teaching and often writing requires the same commitment. How public is the allocation of this time as uninterruptable time?

Writing, Like a Road Trip


Writing’s like a road trip: trying to get to the next stop

this factory process of keeping things moving

Trying to get to the next stop,

he said up the body count,

It’s more assembly line thinking,

so I’m upping the body count

Trying to get to the next stop

now I want to sit a while before going to the next place

Those months that I didn’t do much

hurry, think of a project

Where I was just sad

I don’t see the end of it.

Good ideas don’t come out of busy days.