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RAS Development Opportunities

Getting the most out of every opportunity.

Career Development

Your career development:

1:1 Career Coaching

Coaching Skills for Research Managers

Early-Stage Researcher Induction Programme

Mid Career Researcher Programme

New Research Manager Emergence Studios

Research Career Series 5

Research Leadership Emergence Studios

Vitae Researcher Development Framework

Vitae framework

Academic Writing

Develop your writing ideas, aims, proficiency and creativity:

A Write Space (6 Week programme)

Creative Methods to Enhance Research Thinking and Writing

Research Writing Retreat

Project Management

A range of online workshops to enable the effective management of research projects, at different stages of your career.

Leadership Development

Programmes for researchers to support leadership and management development.

LMD Course Offerings

Development opportunities for your personal and professional growth.

Researcher Training and Development Directory

Current researcher training and development opportunities across Warwick University.

Research Integrity Training

Online training for colleagues involved in research, including planning and conducting of research, the recording and reporting of results, and the dissemination, application and exploitation of findings.