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Section 6 - Information regarding keys

What is the current process for collecting my accommodation keys?

Academic Year 2021/2022

The day you arrive is day 0.

Testing and self-isolation requirements for people traveling to the UK vary, depending on which country you're traveling from or through to get to the UK and whether you qualify as fully vaccinated under the rules for travel to England. Check the full requirements below depending on where you're traveling from and your vaccination status.

International students arriving to the UK

Red list countries

There are currently no countries or territories on the red list for travel to England (15 December). The government keeps the red list under constant review and countries and territories can be added to the red list at any time. It's important to check the latest guidelines before you travel - read the rules about what you must do when you travel to England from abroad.

See the Department for Education Managed Quarantine Service FAQs. The University is providing financial support to help with the cost of the required managed quarantine hotel.

Rest of the world

For the rest of the world, what you need to do depends on whether you qualify as being fully vaccinated. If you're:

    The University’s testing services cannot be used for mandated Day 2 testing. This is because those tests must be done by a government-approved testing service and none of the University’s testing services is on the approved list.

    If you're traveling to campus from within the UK, we strongly advise you to take a lateral flow test before you travel to campus. DO NOT travel if you are showing symptoms, please book a PCR test and receive a negative result before traveling.

    Students traveling to the UK from overseas should follow the latest government guidance. Testing and self-isolation requirements vary depending on whether you're traveling from a country on the UK government's lists.

    Once you arrive at Warwick, you're advised to take twice-weekly lateral flow tests, you can collect your LFT on campus.

    Arrival to campus

    If you are a new arrival to halls and arrive during Student Services opening hours then we will check our test and trace system to see if it is safe for you to move in.

    If it is, you will be issued your room key and ID card and you may move into your accommodation.

    If it is not, due to a positive case or if we are waiting for a result of a PCR test within the household, you will be placed into temporary accommodation until the isolation period has ended or a negative result is received. You will be informed via your Warwick email when you can move into your permanent room.

    If you are arriving after we have closed then please go to the Community Safety Hub who will place you into temporary accommodation for the night. You will be informed via your Warwick email if you can move into your permanent room the following morning once we have checked our test and trace system. The reason behind this procedure is that our test and trace system is not checked out of office hours.

    What do I do if I lose my on-campus room keys?

    Between 0900 and 1700 a replacement key can be obtained via your Residence Hub or visit Student Services during our opening hours.

    If you require a replacement once Student Services has closed please visit Community Safety Hub

    If you require a spare key, please bring a photographic I.D. with you.

    What do I do if I lose my off-campus keys?

    Large Property (lockable bedroom doors)

    - During office hours; You can request a temporary bedroom key and front door key if required via your Property Manager. You must return the temporary key(s) when you have been advised to do so by your Property Manager otherwise your student account will be charged.

    - Out of Office Hours; Student Services is unable to issue a spare key to you.


    I am locked out of my on-campus room. What are the options?

    If you find yourself locked out of your bedroom within Student Services opening hours then please visit us or your Residence Hub and we will issue you with a replacement key. This will deactivate your previous one.

    If the desk is closed or you are not appropriately dressed for the trip then please contact your resident tutor to gain access to your room, you will still need to get a new key from Student Services if yours has been lost.


    On-campus room showing red lights before opening what should I do?

    The battery on your bedroom door is running low and therefore will need to be changed before it expires. Please inform Student Services (Ground Floor Senate House) 024 7652 2280 who will then report this to the Estates Maintenance Team.

    My on-campus key is not opening my room what should I do?

    Inform Student Services (Ground Floor Senate House) 024 7652 2280 who will then report this to the Estates Maintenance Team. If it happens outside office hours call Student Services (or Community Safety Officers on 024 765 22083 if Student Services has closed) and they will contact the out-of-hours contractor. The contractor does have a 4-hour call-out policy.


    Can I arrange for a friend to collect my accommodation keys for me?

    I'm afraid not. As you are the contract owner for the accommodation, the keys need to be signed for and collected by you


    If I am leaving my accommodation outside of Student Services opening hours, where shall I leave my key?

    You can complete a key return envelope and leave your keys via our drop box located on the front of Senate House.