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Hi everyone and welcome to our Residential Community Team page!

This is the first blog of many that will appear on our page and will be a key space for you to be able to check in on what the team have been getting up to, any topical issues for discussion and a place for creativity. We are also encouraging students to submit any blog entries that you feel are relevant to the service, from personal or shared experiences, and are looking forward to your submissions.

The team and I have been busy preparing to go live with our new service in September and with Arrivals Weekend fast approaching, it’s been an exciting time.

The Residential Community Team (RCT) works alongside Wellbeing and Student Support and our aim is to support students who live on campus to build a new inclusive community at the University of Warwick where we support each other, celebrate diversity, and identify our personal needs to promote campus wellbeing.

Throughout the year, we will be hosting social events, engagement sessions to promote and enhance individual wellbeing/awareness and drop-in sessions for any advice or guidance that you may need. You are at the heart of the service and so we will be engaging with you as much as possible to find out how we can best support you to shape and develop our service, so please make sure you contact us via this website and let us know what you’d like from us!

The team is made up of myself, 6 Residential Community Coordinators (RCCs) and 2 administrative staff (of who you can find out more about on the “meet the team pages”) and 92 Residential Community Assistants (RCAs), who are all current Warwick Students so understand what life at Warwick is like. With such a large team, you can expect diversity, a mixture of great personalities and a variety of experience to support you during your time here.

The team will be present during Arrivals Weekend and Welcome Week, both in residencies for your kitchen meeting (where vital information will be shared and is a chance to meet your neighbours) and at drop-in sessions, getting to know as many of you as possible. Our RCAs will be easy to spot in their pink hoodies/polo t-shirts and this will be a great opportunity to get to know your local RCA.

We really want to hear from you as much as possible, especially if you are struggling to settle at Warwick, if you have additional support needs, or you have ideas for how we can help our community thrive. There are several ways in which you can contact the team including speaking with your local RCA when you see them around campus or in residencies, attending our drop-in sessions and using our contact form on this website.

The team are here to support you 24/7 and there will be a member of the team on campus Monday-Friday 9am-11pm, Saturday and Sunday 2:30pm-11pm (not including bank holidays) and we have a zoned out of hours phone number which can be found on the contact us section should you need us.

We can’t wait to meet you over the next couple of weeks and share this journey with you!