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Fine tariff guidance 2023-24: Behavioural offences

Fine amount Description
£75 - £100 Rude and abusive
£100 Failure (without reasonable cause) to produce accurate identification upon demand from authorised persons (who have identified themselves)
£25 - £75 Antisocial behaviour & Non-Compliance: minor impact

Antisocial behaviour includes disorderly conduct (including drunkenness), unnecessary noise, and behaviours which cause a nuisance, inconvenience or annoyance to other residents. Should you be unconscious due to drink then there will also be a requirement to meet with Wellbeing and Student Support.

Non-compliance covers the rules as set out in the online Life in Halls residential handbook.

£75 - £100 Antisocial behaviour & Non-Compliance: moderate impact
£100 - £150 Antisocial behaviour & Non-Compliance: major impact
£75 - £100 Subletting, unauthorised shared occupancy or overnight guests: moderate impact This includes handing over your keys to others or allowing a guest to stay for longer than the permitted period
£100 - £150 Subletting, unauthorised shared occupancy or overnight guests: major impact
£75 - £150 Possession of offensive weapons (including flick knives and imitation firearms)
£75 - £150 plus damage charges Wilful or negligent damage depending on the nature of the damage and the incident which resulted in damage occurring
£250 Illegal substances: zero tolerance policy - may result in referral to the police or major disciplinary review under Regulation 23

These fine tariffs are reviewed annually and are subject to a £50 administrative fee for the 23-24 academic year.

Other penalties may include a formal written warning, a requirement to apologise (in writing or in person), temporary suspension of privileges (such as visitors or requests to hold parties/gatherings), referral to a group session or a request to transfer to a different on-campus residence. You may receive one of these alternative penalties instead of/or alongside a fine (depending on the nature of the incident and the impact it has had on the residential community).

Please be advised that if disciplinary action is taken as a result of illegal drugs or extreme alcohol intake then an appointment may be made for you to meet with a University Wellbeing Advisor to explore your behaviour.