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Illegal Drugs and Alcohol University Policy

If you would like more information about alcohol and illegal substances the University has developed a moodle to provide students with advice and guidance about safe drinking and illegal drugs.

Illegal drugs

The University takes all reasonable measures within its powers to discourage the use of illegal drugs and psychoactive substances amongst its students. We remind students that possession of illegal substances is a criminal offence and that possession with intent to supply is a more serious offence.

It is the University's policy not to tolerate the use of illegal substances on its land or in its buildings. To do so would constitute a criminal offence. Students found to be using or in possession of or knowingly allowing any illegal substance, including cannabis, to be used in contravention of this policy, will face disciplinary action.

The University's Regulations are clear about disciplinary outcomes should you be found in possession, use or supply of illegal substances and these are published under both Regulation 23 Student Discipline Section 5 and Regulation 27 On-Campus Residential Accommodation Section 5.


If you are over 18 then in the UK you can legally drink alcohol. You should be respectful of other students who choose not to drink alcohol and mindful not to disturb flatmates or neighbours both on campus and in the local community.

The University promotes sensible drinking in its social facilities. We recognise that moderate use of alcohol plays an important and enjoyable role in the social lives of many students. Abuse of alcohol by a minority can, however, be damaging both to those students themselves and to those who live, study and work alongside them.

Antisocial drunken behaviour on campus is dealt with by an escalating system of penalties depending on the impact of the incident(s). A first offence with minor impact may result in a fine and a formal warning. Further incidents of antisocial behaviour due to alcohol consumption may result in higher penalities or if the incident is severe, there may be a referral under Regulation 23 which may result in more serious measures which may include a requirement to vacate campus accommodation or be excluded from campus.

Major offences against the University's Disciplinary Regulations, such as assault, sometimes lead to students being rusticated (excluded from their studies for one year). These offences are often committed under the influence of alcohol. Students should be aware that the University does not regard drunkenness as reducing the gravity of such offences.

Students in recovery

If you are a student who is in recovery in relation to former use of alcohol and/or drugs you may wish to contact Wellbeing and Student Support for further guidance and confidential advice.

Are you concerned about someone else's drinking or drug use?

If you are concerned about someone else's drinking or drug use - or if someone else's actions are impacting you and your wellbeing then Wellbeing and Student Support have information on where you can get help.

Information campaigns

The University works with Warwick Students' Union to provide information to students at Warwick about alcohol and drugs.