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Alcohol and other drugs

Alcohol and other drugs

Do you have any questions about alcohol and drug use? Whatever your experiences of alcohol and drugs is, this is where you can find out information and where you can get help if you want it.

Are you concerned about someone else’s drinking or drug use?

Are you concerned about someone else’s drinking or drug use or if someone else’s actions are impacting you and your wellbeing, have a brief consultationLink opens in a new window and get some support for yourself and advice for the situation.


If you are over 18 then in the UK you can legally drink alcohol but you should also be respectful of other students who choose not to drink alcohol and mindful not to disturb flatmates or neighbours both on campus and in the community.

Socialising is an important part of university life. Some people choose not to drink alcohol and that’s OK. Drinking alcohol is a common practice for many, and for most students occasional use does not get in the way of day to day functioning or studying.

However, excessive use can negatively impact you in both the short and longer term. You do not have to have a ‘drinking problem’ for your drinking to be causing problems. Have you ever missed any lectures, seminars or other activities because of a hangover?

Alcohol and you – be informed

Take time to work out what you want your relationship with alcohol to be. Make sure that you have the facts that you need to make informed decisions about drinking.

There is advice and information about alcohol available on Drink AwareLink opens in a new window and on the NHS Alcohol Support Link opens in a new windowpages

Find out about the risks you face if you drink too muchLink opens in a new window, including the risks of binge drinkingLink opens in a new window.

Do you wonder how much you drink compared to the rest of the UK or how many calories or units are in your drinks? Try these drink tracker toolsLink opens in a new window to find out more. There are even suggestions for some hangover curesLink opens in a new window – the best one is to avoid drinking too much!

Alcohol and others – be aware

Drinking alcohol affects you and those around you. Drinking can lower your inhibitions and you may say or do things that you may not have if you had not been drinking. In a community like Warwick, your actions can impact on those around you.

If you make yourself ill or feel very strong emotions when you have been drinking, others in your accommodation will have to deal with that. Be aware of how this impacts your relationships day to day.

Not everyone in your flat will have the same attitude to alcohol. Create a non-judgemental and respectful space where each other’s thoughts are heard. Find a compromise where different attitudes are respected. Support those who don’t drink and include them in socials/activities – and maybe have some alcohol free plans each week too?

Practice safe sex. Intoxicated sex is a complex issue. If someone is under the influence you cannot presume informed consent. Look on our Warwick Values Moodle CourseLink opens in a new window for more information to help keep you and others safe.

Making changes

Drinking can affect your mental health. Although you may feel happier in the moment, alcohol is a depressant and can lower your mood long term. If you drink to help you manage your emotions or to cope with different situations, come and speak to someone in Wellbeing and Student Support.


Some people take drugs. There are lots of reasons for thisLink opens in a new window and many risks associated with itLink opens in a new window.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about drugs and drug use. If you want to know more, get reliable and non-judgemental advice about different drugs and their effects from organisations such as FRANKLink opens in a new window or DrugwiseLink opens in a new window.

Mixing drugs with other substances including alcohol or prescription medications can result in some nasty, toxic reactions and increase the risks to both your physical and mental health and should be avoided.

Your health and wellbeing is the main priority.

Do you know what to do in an emergency?

Look out for your friends and always get help if you are worried about someone. Make sure to give the medical professionals as much information as possible about what has been taken. Don’t be afraid of seeking help and being honest about what you have taken. If you are on campus, call security. If you are off campus, call 999. Community Safety are all First Aid trained and are the first responders on campus. If the emergency services are required, please also call Community Safety rather than dialling 999 from campus as they escort emergency services across campus to ensure they reach the person in need as quickly as possible.

Making changes

Wellbeing and Student Support offers confidential support to students around drug use which is separate from any disciplinary process. We are focussed on your wellbeing, don’t let concerns about getting in trouble stop you from getting help if you need it.

There are several organisations who offer support around drug use in the local area including Change, Grow Live (cgl) CoventryLink opens in a new window and Compass Young Persons Service WarwickshireLink opens in a new window. There is support available also for all substance misuse, not just cocaine from Cocaine anonymous.Link opens in a new window


Do you smoke? Do you still want to?

If you have started to think about quitting or you are ready to stop, now is a great time to take steps towards your goals.

It’s not easy to stop smoking but there is help available and you are more likely to succeed with some tailored support.

Whether this is the first time you have tried to stop or whether you have tried many times, have a look at the help available on NHS SmokefreeLink opens in a new window.

Smoking and vaping is not permitted in any University building and you can be fined for breaches of these rules. Find out more here.Link opens in a new window