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Please take the time to read the full Residential Accommodation Regulations (Regulation 27) which apply to all students living in University campus accommodation. It is your responsibility to make sure you are fully aware of, and comply with them, at all times.

They should be read in conjunction with the University's Disciplinary Regulations (Regulation 23). The University reserves the right to periodically update these regulations. It should be noted that membership of the University or residence in any University accommodation offers no special protection against the law of the land. The University has been, and is prepared to use the normal procedures of the law in the event of offences such as theft or drug use.

Please look through the Standard fine tariffs for 2017-18.

Illegal drugs and alcohol

There is a zero tolerance policy regarding the possession and use of illegal drugs and psychoactive substances at the University. We remind students that possession of illegal substances is a criminal offence and possession with intent to supply is a more serious offence. Students found to be using or in possession of, or knowingly allowing any illegal substance including cannabis to be used, are in contravention of this policy and will face disciplinary action.

The Campus Security team have been trained in identifying different types of drugs and they may enter your room and search it, following an agreed search procedure, if they believe you may be in possession of, or using illegal drugs.

You need to be aware that if you allow any guests or visitors to use any illegal substances in your room then this is still an illegal activity and you will face disciplinary action.

The University is also mindful of the impact that other types of substance abuse may have on the residential community. Alcohol in moderation is not an issue, however, antisocial behaviour due to excessive alcohol intake or use of illegal drugs or psychoactive substances will not be tolerated. For safety reasons nitrous oxide canisters are also not allowed in residential halls.

Please read the University's Illegal Drugs and Alcohol Policy.

Requirement to leave University accommodation

Any student whose continued presence in halls of residence is felt to be detrimental to the wellbeing of the community or who has significantly or repeatedly breached the Disciplinary Regulations may be required to leave the accommodation.

A student required to vacate his/her accommodation shall be given four weeks' notice, except:

  • If the end of the letting period is less than four weeks away the student shall be required to leave at the end of that period
  • A student whose registration as a student of the University is for any reason terminated may be required to leave with effect from the date of the termination
  • In exceptional circumstances, and only with the approval of the Registrar, a shorter notice period may be applied

Any student required to vacate their accommodation shall be informed that he/she may appeal against such a decision.