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Frequently asked questions

Why is food and drink so expensive in all the cafes?

We work hard with our suppliers to offer a wide choice of food and drink to our staff, students and visitors who come to our outlets. We also undertake regular benchmarking and research against the high street to ensure our prices are competitive.

Why aren’t there more healthy food and drink options around campus?

We have a large and diverse number of customers who use our cafes and restaurants and we try and offer as much affordable variety as possible. For example, all of our cafes provide free tap water, healthy snack options such as fruit and nut, yogurts and fruit, as well as boxed salads, sushi and smoothies. In our larger cafes and restaurants main meals are served with a choice of vegetables and for customers who want a lighter hot meal we offer a different soup of the day.

Rootes Grocery Store also stocks a good selection of fruit and vegetables, healthy snacks and drinks.

What is Retail doing to reduce the use of single use plastic?

In 2018 we made a number of changes: We removed the plastic cups at the water dispensers in all our outlets and introduced a 20p hot drink discount (previously 10p) for customers who bring their own reusable mug.

We also have reusable cups for sale in all our cafes and shops to reduce disposable cup usage.

Where appropriate we use crockery in our outlets. Where we are unable to offer crockery we provide compostable cups.

Why are plastic cups given to customers in the Arts Centre bar when other outlets around campus have stopped providing these?

Health and Safety laws and policies mean we cannot allow glass into the theatres and that any drinks must be decanted. The plastic cups we provide are recyclable and we are working with our suppliers to look at canned alternatives and compostable glassware. We are hoping to have this place by October 2019.

Why is there a charge for dairy alternatives?

The number of customers who choose this alternative is a small percentage, so the cost per unit to buy these non-dairy milks is considerably higher.

At the end of every financial year we review our portfolio to see where we can make changes and improve customer service, as well negotiating with suppliers to keep costs down. As part of this review we will look at the cost of dairy alternatives.

In the meantime, if a customer buys a filter coffee, Americano or tea and wishes to have a non-diary milk added, this is not charged for.

Can I book a table at any café?

Yes. Depending on how busy an outlet is, you may book a table at any of our cafes and restaurants. Simply email the café and restaurant teams with your request and they will let you know whether they can accommodate your request. You can find the contact details for each outlet by taking a look at our places to eat and drink.

I’ve put money in a vending machine but it has taken my money and not given me the item. How do I get my money back?

Please pop into the café nearest the vending machine and the team will refund your money.

Can I sell my own food on campus?

Other than the University and SU managed outlets, the selling of food and drink on campus is not permitted by any individual.

If you wish to trade at our monthly market days held during term please get in contact with Sketts, our market management company - info at sketts dot co dot uk.

Can departments order food & drink using a costcode?

The scheme that allowed departments to request food and drink vouchers to spend in any of the University of Warwick managed coffee shops or in Rootes Grocery Store using a costcode has been temporarily suspended until further notice.

Please see further information about how your department can continue to order food and drink on campus using a costcode.

Where can I find the opening times for cafes, bars and shops?

Take a look at our opening times

I want to leave some feedback – how do I do this?

You can get in touch using our Warwick Retail contact form

If you have a complaint about the way in which a hot drink or meal was served to you, we’d encourage you to speak to the café team at the time of the incident. They will be only too happy to serve you the perfect drink or meal and we want you to leave feeling happy!

What happens to any profit you make?

Any surplus we make is re-invested back to the University to fund their world leading teaching, learning and research.