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Red Rocket

La Gusta

Outdoor grab-and-go cafe for quick and convenient food, snacks and drink.

Hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks. We also serve a range of hot food.

10% off all food and drink when you use your Eating at Warwick card.

We're parked up between the International Manufacturing Centre and Computer Science.

Not an actual rocket. But most definitely red

You won't be able to miss the shiny red, outdoor cafe-on-wheels that is Red Rocket. You'll find us (food pun alert) sandwiched between the International Manufacturing Centre and Computer Science buildings.

We overlook green space and fantastic water fountains - the perfect spot to enjoy our food and drink.

Seasonal menu to suit the weather

Since we're located outside, we make sure our offering is inline with the seasons. Hot food to warm you to your toes during the winter and smoothies for slurping by the lake in the summer.

In the time taken by the earth to make one revolution around the sun, you will always find our Rocket offering a great range of drinks, sandwiches and snacks. In other words, all year round.


  • Outdoor location
  • Cashless environment for speedy service
  • Hot meat and vegetarian dishes
  • Changing menu that can include burgers, quesedillas and stirfry
  • Lunch time items including sandwiches, sausages rolls and soup
  • Coffee, drinks, fruit and snacks always on offer
  • Smoothies available during the summer
  • Its red. Very, very red.

Contact us

+44 (0)7823 362 112

Red Rocket
Computer Science Quadrant, University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL

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Small cafe style menu.

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Location Location

Between the International Manufacturing Centre and Computer Science buildings - view on map

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