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Make ‘Em Laugh, Make ‘Em Think

Thursday 22 April 2021.
11 – 11.45am.
This event will take place online.


The Staff Carer's Network Presents... 'Make 'Em Laugh, Make 'Em Think: How to Keep a Positive Mindset' in collaboration with Laughology.

It’s April, we’re slowly coming out of Lockdown, but the pubs are still shut, I’m seeing the same 6 people and it’s still very difficult to get toilet roll!

You could forgive anyone for telling 2021 where to go.

Which is why this fast paced fun and illuminating 30min session delivered by Lead Happiness Consultant, Dave Keeling, may be a timely shot in the arm for anyone who is having wonky thoughts and behaviours, who may struggling to find the energy and good humour to push on through in their current situation or who just simply wants to have a laugh.

Whatever the reason this interactive session will not only provide tips and tricks to enable people to think better thoughts and make more positive choices but will also explore in a variety of ways:

  • The Circle of Control.
  • How to get a dose of happiness.
  • Curiosity and collaboration.
  • How to access your humour triggers.
  • The secret to motivation.
  • And why Dave doesn’t like the word stew or casserole and don’t get him started on Tagines!


About David Keeling (Lead Happiness Consultant, Laughology)

Dave is a UK based actor, writer, comedian and has been a Lead Happiness Consultant for Laughology for over 20 years working both nationally and internationally within business and educational organisations.

In the world of corporate business he works creatively as a Presenter/Host and MC. As a presenter Dave has fronted a vast array of live shows and has facilitated training programs with a diverse array of companies such as Sotheby’s, O2, Adidas, Royal Bank Of Scotland, Liverpool Victoria, BP, Regus, Hewlett Packard, BT, British Aerospace, Fidelity, Giff Gaff and the Metropolitan Police focusing on change management, teamwork, well-being, presentation skills, growth mindset, communication and creativity.

Having worked all over the world with teachers, pupils and parents on anything from confidence, motivation, the brain-how it works and how amazing it is, managing change, visionary skills, improvisation, forum theatre, revision techniques, memory skills and success and creativity in the classroom, not to mention a little bit of magic, his sole purpose has been to enable those he works with to feel more loveable and capable.

Dave is the Author of A Rocket Up Your Class, Invisible Teaching, Laughter (part of the Independent Thinking On Series of books) and has contributed his expertise to the Big Book of Independent Thinking.

Dave is also professional actor, writer, performer and comedian. Having trained as an actor at The London Academy of Music And Dramatic Art, Dave has worked extensively in theatre, Film and Television. His credits include ‘Blood Brothers’ in the west end, ‘London To Brighton’ for film and Downton Abbey, Eastenders and Coronation Street for television.

It is Dave’s dynamic, quick witted and energetic presence that means he will create a unique, inspirational and entertaining experience wherever he goes.

Dave is 6ft 2in, blue-eyed and a little bit ginger, and believes that within that description lies something for everyone.