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Supporting Working Carers to Thrive Workshop

Wednesday 13 February 2019
10am - 1pm
OC1.02, Oculus


The University is facilitating a workshop that is open to all working carers at the university. The workshop will be provided by a local business based in Kenilworth: CM Talent "the return to work experts".

The workshop will cover:

  • Thriving as a working carer – what does this look, sound and feel like to you?
  • Life and Career Reflections – where are you now?
  • Your values – what’s important to you?
  • Your identity – who are you?
  • Peer support session – what do you find challenging as a working carer? What do you find enjoyable about being a working carer?
  • Building individual resilience
  • Lunch & Social Networking
  • Review & Personal commitments

This workshop is open to staff at all levels and lunch will be provided.