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5 questions with Ant Brewerton – Trophy designer

November 2021.


The competition to design the trophy for the inaugural ED&I Awards was won by Ant Brewerton. We spoke to Ant about the inspiration for his design.


What is your role within the University?

My role is Head of Academic Services in the Library. I work with my teams to develop and promote Library resources and services to support our students and staff. My teams include the Academic Support Librarians, the Modern Records Centre archives team, the Community Engagement teams who run Study Happy and other events, a team that delivers teaching and e-learning support, our widening participation support, and our Marketing and Communications Officer.

The spaces we operate in include the main Library, the Learning Grids, PG Hub, Research Exchange, Teaching Grid, our new Co-creation Space, all over campus… and all over social media! I am also a member of the Social Inclusion Committee and chair the University’s Stonewall Self-Assessment Team.


Where did you take your inspiration from for the design of the trophy?

My inspiration for the trophy design came from the work of the Social Inclusion Committee. The intention was to represent successful ED&I in the University – diverse elements of our community, brought together and interconnected to make a strong whole. The ring part of the design is made up of 12 links, representing the 12 characteristics covered by the work of the Social Inclusion Committee.

One of the Committee’s terms of reference is

"to devise, co-ordinate, and monitor steps taken by the University to comply with the Equality Act 2010, with particular regard to the specific protected characteristics of age, disability, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, and marriage or civil partnership as detailed in the Act; to undertake the same with respect to other marginalised groups including in relation to socio-economic background, care leavers, and asylum seekers.

The trophy’s design symbolically brings these 12 groups together, all firmly linked and united in one University.

ED&I at Warwick supports us in our differences but unites us in the values that we hold in common. This is what my design hoped to capture.


Tell us a little more about the trophy and how it was made.

I had originally scribbled down some ideas and made a quick watercolour one Saturday afternoon. Following my design being chosen for the award, colleagues in the School of Engineering mocked up a prototype which they then created on a 3D printer.


How did it feel seeing your trophy for the first time?

I was delighted! It was lovely to see my little sketch become a reality – close to my original design but improved in the production process by some very talented colleagues.


How was the ceremony and being able to present your trophy?

I was pleased with the way the trophy turned out but I was even more pleased to present it to a very deserving winner. All the projects mentioned during the ceremony were terrific – it makes you so proud to work for the University. But the work of Jane Bryan and her team is exceptional and I was very happy to present her with ‘my’ award.


Photos below: From left to right - Ant's original winning design submission and the trophy once made.