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Be INspired and INspire others.

A programme beyond leadership development.

In 2021, Warwick launched a unique programme, INspire, designed to support leaders who face well documented barriers getting into top leadership positions. Through sessions led by Dr Rob Worrall, peer mentoring, coaching, sponsorship by Executive Board members, and opportunities to converse with leaders from a wide range of sectors, our pilot cohort of INspire participants have had the opportunity to explore their unique identity as a leader and plan career paths. Two of INspire participants have already achieved promotions since completing the programme. Hear from one of our participants in the INspire pilot here.

Participants have explored a number of issues which include understanding the impact and challenges of being a leader who brings difference to the traditional leadership and developing strategies for success.

INspire is a programme for disabled, women, LGBTQUIA+, and ethnic minority staff at grade 9, both in Academic and Professional Services, who have an ambition to be a top/executive senior leader.


Welcome to INspire: Introduction from Stuart Croft, Vice Chancellor

I am excited to continue to the journey at Warwick to support a new kind of leader. Leaders who are inclusive, reflect the diversity of our communities, challenge traditional practices and inspire others to help us achieve our 2030 strategic objectives.

Diversity of thought is critical to Warwick as a place of innovation and creativity and that means we need diversity in our leaders as well as our students and staff. To support diversity to thrive at senior levels we are continuing to support the INspire programme which goes beyond leadership programmes. It is a personal development experience to facilitate future senior leaders to build personal and professional skills while navigating the challenges faced by people in minority groups to lead and inspire a diverse and inclusive Warwick community.

The programme is aimed at people already in senior leadership positions who aim to progress to top leadership positions. In the early stages we are inviting people who are under-represented in senior leadership positions but our vision is that eventually all or leaders will benefit from such an experience.

I hope that you are inspired to take part in this exciting opportunity to take your career to the next level.

With best wishes,



More about the programme

Read more about the aims, structure, learning outcomes, and committments of the programme.

Eligibility and how to apply

INspire is a programme for grade 9 disabled, women, LGBTQUIA+, and ethnic minority staff. Applications are currently closed.


Find out more about the role of a sponsor, benefits, and how to become a sponsor.

For more information about the programme, download the INspire information pack slides.


The programme will be led by Dr Rob Worrall

  • An award winning and highly experienced academic, researcher and consultant in leadership, collaboration and innovation, working at levels from emerging leaders to Board level.
  • Since 2008, using his unique philosophy and design approach, Rob has created and delivered leadership development and collaboration initiatives across a wide range of sectors including public services, higher education, health, finance and manufacturing as well as inter agency collaboration on wicked issues such as urban violence prevention.
  • Currently working in Kenya, Uganda, Ireland, UK and the Middle East.
  • Current roles include: Senior Associate at Roffey Park, Adjunct in Digital Leadership, Institute of Leadership, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
  • Previous roles include Leadership and Management Specialist at the IPA, Dublin; Principal Lecturer – External Engagement, University of Sunderland. Programme Director for Leaders UK, Strategic Relationship Manager at the National School of Government.
  • Rob also had 15 years’ experience in regional, national and international public sector senior level roles including Assistant Chief Executive of a Regional Assembly and Strategic Policy Adviser to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, UK.