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Be INspired and INspire others.

A programme beyond leadership development.

In 2021, Warwick launched a unique programme, INspire, designed to support leaders who face well documented barriers getting into top leadership positions. Through sessions led by Dr Rob Worrall, peer mentoring, coaching, sponsorship by University Executive Board members, and opportunities to converse with leaders from a wide range of sectors, our INspire participants have had the opportunity to explore their unique identity as a leader and plan career paths.

Participants have explored a number of issues which include understanding the impact and challenges of being a leader who brings difference to the traditional leadership and developing strategies for success.

INspire is a programme for disabled, women, LGBTQUIA+, and ethnic minority staff at grade 9, both in Academic and Professional Services, who have an ambition to be a top/executive senior leader.

We are currently taking applications for INspire - find more and apply using the links below.

"I am excited to continue the journey at Warwick to support a new kind of leader. Leaders who are inclusive, reflect the diversity of our communities, challenge traditional practices and inspire others to help us achieve our 2030 strategic objectives." Stuart Croft, Vice-Chancellor

Developing different strategies for success

Read more about the programme aims, structure, and committments.

Supporting under-represented leaders

INspire is for grade 9 disabled, women, LGBTQUIA+, and ethnic minority staff.

Nurturing diverse talent through sponsorship

Find out more about the role of a sponsor, benefits, and how to become a sponsor.

What previous participants say

"I have benefited enormously from the INspire programme. The modules are well-constructed, thought-provoking, and brilliantly facilitated by Rob. I have learnt so much from my fellow participants, and we have bonded over shared challenges despite coming from different departments and professional service teams. It has been so useful to have this space to step back from day-to-day pressures and reflect on where I am in my career and where I want to be. My sense of what a leader is, and how I can be a better one, has been transformed. Having a supportive sponsor who is a senior leader at Warwick has been a privilege too. If you are at all intrigued by the programme, I would go for it – I am really glad I did."

Professor Jason Madan, WMS.

"Inspire is definitely a programme to benefit from in many ways, not least from hearing from fellow colleagues from a similar minority group and being able to have constructive discussion with them. It has helped me develop better in how I perform my role at the University and it has benefitted me in being able to change my role and take on additional responsibilities as a result."

Parvez Islam, Director of Environmental Sustainability.

Hear more on Parvez's experience of the programme here.

"I have really enjoyed my time as a sponsor on the INspire programme. I hope I have helped share some knowledge and expertise on leadership in the University with the colleagues that I have worked with. Likewise, I have learned a great deal from those colleagues on how we need to keep improving as an organisation to be as inclusive, and thus as successful, as possible. I would encourage all colleagues to try the programme as being of tremendous benefit."

Chris Hughes, Pro Vice Chancellor (Education)

"The most significant impact of the programme is the network that I built with people among the current senior management through various events and sponsorship programme, and also with other participants in the programme. This enhanced my understanding of how the university works and gained deeper insights into different parts of the University."

Professor Sotaro Kita, Psychology.

Hear more on Kita's experience of the programme here.

"The course content was well thought out and relevant. The guest speakers that came, including the internal speakers, supported the course content. Their experiences corresponded with some of my own experiences as an Associate Dean or Head of Department. The programme was very comprehensive and well structured."

Professor Azrini Wahidin, Sociology.

Hear more on Azrini's experience of the programme here.

"Being a part of the INspire cohort this year has provided the space and support to explore and interrogate my leadership values, approaches and choices with a fantastic group of colleagues. The combination of engagingly designed modules facilitated by Rob, with candid internal and external speakers, coaching and sponsorship has enabled me to consider what leadership means in my context. I would encourage any colleague, academic or professional services, who is looking to explore what purposeful, values-driven leadership could look like to consider the programme."

Professor Rebecca Freeman, School of Life Sciences / Dean of Students.

"The INspire Programme is a fantastic opportunity for professional networking across the university and thinking through collaborative approaches to inclusive leadership."

Anonymous participant.