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Mutual Mentoring

In support of our Social Inclusion strategic objectives to increase staff diversity and develop an inclusive culture, we are pleased to launch a new Mutual Mentoring programme.

Mutual Mentoring breaks down the hierarchy which normally exists between mentoring partners and creates a learning experience where both partners are equal, as both have expertise in something the other can benefit from. The programme will partner staff from under-represented communities (Inclusion Mentors) with senior staff (Leadership Mentors) to develop a mutually beneficial mentoring relationship. Inclusion Mentors will share their lived experiences enabling their mentor to learn more and embrace difference, and Leadership Mentors will share their experiences of leadership and management. As a mentor, you will be an equal partner, taking on the role of both mentor and mentee.

The programme will take place over the academic year, with support and training. You will have the opportunity to self-direct the content of mentoring sessions to make them relevant and meaningful, and develop your knowledge, skills, and networks through the mentorship of your partner.


Applications are now closed

We will announce new cohort dates once the current programme has ended.

We hope you will be able to join us on a future programme!


“Inclusion has become such a hot spot that people sometimes don’t want to go there, and the conversation is shut down before it’s even begun. But these relationships are about creating a safe space to be able to explore how to begin those sometimes-difficult conversations. If you want to make the university better this is a great space to do that in.

Emma Flynn, Provost and Executive Champion for the Mutual Mentoring programme.

Read our full conversation with Emma about the benefits of mutual mentoring here.


More information

If you would like any further information, please contact the Social Inclusion team at .